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richard spencer

  1. K9Buck

    Leftist white-nationalist Richard Spencer's Twitter feed is full of attacks on the right

    Richard Spencer is a self-admitted, big-government, socialist and self-described "progressive". The only difference between Spencer and most leftists is that Spencer supports white nationalism. Like most leftists, Spencer DESPISES the political right. Don't believe me? Check out his Twitter...
  2. K9Buck

    Leftist white-nationalist Richard Spencer retweets message mocking the right for supporting "Christmas"

    Leftist white-nationalist retweeted this: It’s incredible how there’s been a revolution in the last few years on things like race and gender identity, while right wing base still seems energized by War on Christmas, which seems like they sort of won? The truly revolutionary stuff they...
  3. cnelsen

    Any white person who doesn’t have a problem with being white is a Nazi who deserves a beating

    Q: What do Richard Spencer, Gavin McInnes, and I have in common? A: We’re all Nazis—at least according to the “anti-fascist” psychopaths who’ve physically attacked us on the streets. (Gavin and I fought back—Richard didn’t even have the opportunity, because his assailant fled immediately after...
  4. cnelsen

    Article about nothing: five Reuters writers report on lawmakers' condemnation of non-event

    From Reuters: Montana lawmakers denounce proposal to plan for protest in support of local couple Top Montana Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Tuesday warned "neo-Nazis" they would find "no safe haven" for a protest in support of a local couple who have been attacked by local Jews who...

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