A Letter to the Democrats

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Apr 25, 2004
Some good advice to Democrats from a liberal Democrat writer.

A Nation Desperate for Change
By Leonard Pitts, Seattle Times
November 7, 2006

A letter to the Democrats.

Congratulations. If the prognosticators are correct, you are about to win a victory that will shift the balance of power in one or both houses of Congress. Of course, if the prognosticators are incorrect, you will soon be committing hara-kiri. In which case my only advice would be: one hard thrust and then pull up.

But this letter proceeds from the assumption that the prognosticators are right. On that basis, I want to make a plea.

I suspect I speak for many when I say I'm tired of wedge politics. I'm tired of stupid, I'm tired of greed, I'm tired of polarization, I'm tired of red and blue mattering more than red, white and blue.

I want to know what it's like to have a sense of national mission, what it's like to strive for instead of against. I want to be hopeful about the future again, want my country to be looked at with respect again. Most of all, I want to see statesmen again. Meaning men and women who can debate, do battle, compromise and disagree over issues of great importance, but not let party, partisanship or politics stand in the way of doing what is best for the country.

Now, if the prognostications are correct, here comes you, taking power in a nation desperate for change. Which brings me to my plea. By all means, enjoy the champagne and confetti. But once the bottles are empty and the floor is swept and it's time to go to work, I wish you would, for me, for all of us, remember to do one thing with this victory.

Earn it.

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What "nation desperate for change"? Only Dems want change. The only change Dems want is to revert to tax and spend socialism their nirvana......
The thing is they dont and they wont. They want power for power's sake right now.

I think the left seems to think we want the Democrat party to fall apart. Quite frankly I think we need two strong parties in this system. But the Democrats are bunch of incompetant vision impaired boobs now. So I have to vote GOP someone on the other side comes up with some vision and shows come capabilities.

The problem with that is because the Democrats are weak, so the Republicans become weak because there are people who have to hold their nose and pull the Republican lever in order to have a chance at survival. If the GOP continues to go unchallenged there are possibilities of corruption, complacency and soon they will be in the same position Democrats are in. I can do what I can to keep Republicans together and in shape but till the Democrats shape up we have some serious issues.
I disagree, I've seen multiple democratic platforms that could benefit the country. The only major issue I have is that many democrats want to withdraw from Iraq. I'm stringently against this even to the point of excluding all other issues; however, I can't stand the way the Republicans behave and their conduct throughout the Iraq War. My hope is that if the democrats gain the House then they while act as a counter to the Republican president and hopefully result in a compromise that will allow us to move forward in Iraq.

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