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  1. The Original Tree

    Fear, Hatred, Intimidation, & Lies

    These are the ingredients necessary to enslave a free people under Socialism and Communism. Socialism & Communism are two sides of the same coin. Both eventually become totalitarian. On one side of The Coin is The Whip, and on the other is The Carrot. Without propaganda, hysteria, lies...
  2. protectionist

    Advice for Democrat Candidates

    The Democrat Candidates for president, now Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, have been making a major mistake. Every time they speak, they insult and disparage President Trump. There's a big problem with that. It is that the majority of American voters LIKE the president. They are who elected...
  3. EvilEyeFleegle

    Polls show big bounce for Biden before Super Tuesday's the establishment against the outsider---Bernie doesn't have a chance--the speed and the strength of the polarizing around Biden show that the D's want to come together..they want to do that desperately--I think that will work against the end. The left is united against...
  4. toobfreak

    Confusing Poor Bernie Sanders Fans . . . (again)

    Apparently poor Bernie Sanders fans are easily duped, but again, how bright can you be and still support a jackal like him? So can it really be any surprise that when legendary country singer Garth Brooks recently took to stage in Detroit and wanted to give tribute to a college alumni and famed...
  5. The Original Tree

    How Comrade Sanders will destroy The Working Class and Our Economy

    His planned $200 Trillion in Soviet Union styled Spending when we only have a $20 Trillion Dollar GDP alone would destroy America. So will the $93 Trillion in Green New Scam Soending do the same. No wonder he will need to confiscate The Wealth of Billionaires and throw them in Gulags, and...
  6. Litwin

    Muscovy "russia" Wins in a Trump-vs.-Bernie Matchup - The Atlantic

    Terrible news for for democracy ((( Russia Wins in a Trump-vs.-Bernie Matchup - The Atlantic › archive › 2020/02 › russ... för 2 dagar sedan - The Russian Trolls' Next Favorite Candidate ... A large image of Putin toasts an arguing Trump and Sanders with a drink. ...
  7. The Original Tree

    CIA Plant Misfud, says, "I Didn't Do It, Honest"!

    Cracks me up. Didn't Mad Moscow Mueller and Obama build their entire Espionage Spying on American Citizens Case, with Lies and Fraudulent False FISA Affidavits? Yes they did. Now their treachery is being exposed more and more every day. Wonder why Mueller, and The Obama Administration Lackeys...
  8. Jitss617

    Iowa Caucus Thread

    Republicans have a record 30 thousand votes in 4 hours ago, it’s almost 12 and dems can’t get the results in lol This is the end of the democratic party
  9. The Original Tree

    Democrats & Sanders Reveal Their True Plans for America

    This is what Fundamentally Transforming America is, What Structural Change Means! Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign in South Carolina contacted law enforcement officials on Thursday after undercover journalists with James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas pressed the campaign to answer questions...
  10. Conservative American

    (Video) Trump Calls For Investigation ON Obama And Hillary

    News 2: REP. NUNES SAYS JAMES COMEY WILL BE INDICTED In other news: Sanders, Warren defend far-left policies in Tuesday’s Democrats’ debate ⬇️⬇️, Warren defend far-left policies in Tuesday’s Democrats’ debate ⬇️⬇️...
  11. deanrd

    Trump lingers on damning report. Are we seeing evidence of the "Ultimate" Snowflake?

    From 'total exoneration' to 'total bullsh**': Trump lingers on damning report Instead of the "total exoneration" Trump had proclaimed earlier, the report portrayed the President as deceitful and paranoid, encouraging his aides to withhold the truth and cross ethical lines in an attempt to...
  12. JimBowie1958

    Did You Hear bout the Lawsuit Against he DNC? ME Neither Till Now.....

    Holy Crapola, I had not heard about any of this till today, but a whole bunch of people are suing the DNC and they ARE DEMOCRATS. roflmao And the major media thinks that firing Comey is a bigt story instead, lol Media Blacks Out Coverage of Suit Against the DNC A writer for the Observer...
  13. Fiero425

    Bernie asked: DC Primary award to Hillary

    The last primary of cycle is over and so far with 62% of the vote in, Hillary's stomping Sanders into the dirt by 58% acquiring 32 of the 46 delegates so far! He wanted the process to play out; might have wished he stepped down a few weeks ago! He looked somewhat better before making a fool of...
  14. Compost

    Bernie Won't Answer

    He doesn't want to talk about how his socialist policies have failed in other countries. "Univision anchor Leon Krauze asked Sanders, “I am sure that you know about this topic: various leftist governments, especially the populists, are in serious trouble in Latin America. The socialist model in...
  15. L

    NY primaries tell the real Clinton result, unlike for Trump; last thing Hillary would say

    * Chapter 1 * NY primaries: official vs real results: contrast Clinton with Trump Clinton 1,037,344 -- Trump: 518,601 NY primaries tell the real Clinton results The real Truman show turns 10,373 Hillary votes into 1,037,344. How do we know the exact number of people who really voted for...
  16. Peony

    The Fat Lady is Still Warming Up

    As the colloquialism goes, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. This is true of the 2016 primary race. Most of the chatter and speculation has been about which GOP candidate will run against Hillary Clinton. Indeed, the GOP candidate is not known at this time. What isn’t talked about much...
  17. DonaldFG

    CDZ A Rare Opportunity to Reform Corrupt Government

    After watching over the past half-century a disappointing parade of candidates running for U.S. President, I am finally hearing one not speaking the usual gobbledegook but actually making sense. And the usual embedded and implied lies are not there for this candidate. His past record as a...
  18. E


    What do you think about U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders new proposal that would tax Churches and Synagogues at a 90% tax rate to provide more social programs for the poor? "The American dream has become a nightmare", Sanders told Fox News ,"let us wage a moral and political war against the...
  19. Pogo

    Primary Poll: Which way should I go?

    So I've got a dilemma.......... My state's primary actually comes up sooner than it has in the past (early voting starts today, final primary day is March 15). As an unaffiliated voter I can choose which party's primary to vote in. Last time 'round that was easy, since O'bama was already an...
  20. DonaldFG

    Could this be the end of corporate control of our nation?

    Well, well, well! In spite of a huge lead initially in Iowa for Hillary Clinton, the result was a tie between her and Senator Sanders. And now looking at New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders has been highly popular there for decades and currently leads Clinton by double digits in the polls there. So...
  21. Slade3200

    Pros/Cons of Presidential Candidates... Is Bloomberg the answer?

    Fact of the matter is... none of the top candidates show strong promise. Trump is great at firing people up and is by far the most entertaining candidate to listen to, however, he is so off the wall with his extreme ideas for immigration/national security and so reactionary with his defensive...
  22. kowalskil

    Questions to Bernie Sanders

    Questions to Bernie Sanders I like Charlie Rose's program very much; I watch it and learn from it, nearly every weekday. On October 26, during an interview with Charlie Rose, Bernie Sanders agitated for tuition-free public universities, for raising minimum wage, etc. How can a moral person...

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