1. Sayaras

    Just another racist lying Pallywood - the false "accusation" against an innocent lady

    An Israeli receives threats after false claims that she is the "Gaza nurse" from the viral video. Thread: Israel-Hamas war misinformation - Day 40 Hannah Abutbul, an Israeli influencer, is being falsely doxxed as the woman in the misleading video of a supposed nurse at Al-Shifa hospital...
  2. The Original Tree

    Biden FBI Plant at Twitter fired for secretly censoring Twitter Files before being released

    FBI Employee (former) Jim Baker served as general counsel at Twitter & should have been fired in the first round of firings but actually I am really happy the way this went down. He was caught red handed trying to protect Joe Biden and the Corrupt and Politicized & Weaponized FBI by sanitizing...
  3. Robert Urbanek

    Poetry and Propaganda

    Author Yiyun Li recounted how, at age 18, she wrote propaganda during her stint in the Chinese army. It was either that or clean toilets or the pigsty. “It was not difficult to write propaganda as long as you knew the key words and how to weave them together.” After coming to America, she...
  4. J

    Sexual deviant crowd performs drag queen shows in government schools

    See; More than $200,000 spent on drag queen shows at NYC schools: Report It is absolutely stunning how the sexual deviant crowd is given a green light in government schools to manipulate innocent and impressionable grade school children to accept their “lifestyle”. JWK
  5. Robert Urbanek

    Send balloons over Russia?

    As recently as 2020, South Korean activists were sending propaganda-carrying balloons across the border into North Korea. The balloons typically carried leaflets, USB sticks or DVDs with criticism of the Pyongyang regime, as well as South Korean news reports or even Korean dramas. Given Putin’s...
  6. P@triot

    Their fear is palpable

    For the record, I called QAnon pure, unadulterated bullshit from Day One across all platforms. Anyone who actually believed that someone with national security clearance was posting earth-shattering information on some ultra obscure website is an imbecile. But that being said, just note how...
  7. Litwin

    G7 to look at rapid response mechanism against Moscow - Putin´s propaganda, UK's Raab says

    G7 to look at rapid response mechanism against Moscow - Putin´s propaganda, UK's Raab says " The Group of Seven richest countries will look at a proposal to build a rapid response mechanism to counter Moscow "propaganda" and disinformation, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told Reuters...
  8. justinacolmena

    “Contango” and “Backwardation” ???

    Do you invest in gold, precious metals, or commodities such as oil on spot or futures markets? What in hell is this? Two-to-tango and people are getting fucked on their backside in the market? Or is it a brother scratching a back or returning a favor...
  9. P@triot

    CDZ The Great Hack

    I’m watching “The Great Hack” documentary and am simply amazed at the entire mindset of the left. It is flawed from start to finish. For starters, it's painfully obvious right from the beginning that the people involved with the movie are outraged that Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton when...
  10. P@triot

    Hey Democrats....what the HELL happened?!?

    So a Democrat wins the election and suddenly racism just isn’t a “problem” anymore? Funny thing is - I just spent 4 years screaming that. Any educated/informed person knew that racism hasn’t been a problem in this country for like 65 - 75 years at minimum...
  11. P@triot

    Progressive Propaganda: The Socialism Edition

    The only people who support socialism are the uneducated/ignorant who have never lived under it and never studied it. Educated/experienced people want no part of socialism. They understand it is a failed ideology...
  12. P@triot

    Progressive Propaganda: the scandinavian addition

    One of the left's favorite lies is that socialism has worked in the scandinavia nation's. Just one problem. Socialism has never even been tried in the scandanivian nations. For starters, the government doesn't control the means of production in any of those nations. Finland tried "Basic...
  13. DigitalDrifter

    U.S. intel concludes China reported fake numbers to conceal true size of coronavirus outbreak

    But of course this report will be ignored by the left, since they don't want to upset their new heroes. "China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says" "China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths...
  14. P@triot

    Left-wing supporters: What do you think of this post?

    This is a post from another thread. In all seriousness, I'd like to know what you think of it. Please be as complete in your response as you would like. His chart is pure disinformation, and I have provided a link here to an anti-Trump hit piece from a left-wing site which even admits that...
  15. DOTR

    CNN bombs again...liberals say lie to me again please.

    This was CNN’s prediction Jan 2019. Pathetic. Harris and Beto LOL. How many more times will wishful thinking and artificial boosterism, disguised as polls, embarrass them? This is how divorced from reality they are. The 2020 marathon has started with a sprint - CNNPolitics
  16. The Original Tree

    The Fallacy Of Polls

    Love polls. Of 500 people Surveyed in Islamophuckistan Minnesota 52% of The Somali...err Maerican people want Trump impeached. Margin of error + or - 5% Ok wtf? You interview 500 in people in America and the margin of error is plus or minus 5%? That means 25 people were totally confused and...
  17. Street Juice

    Last War Americans Can Feel Proud of

    To me, there are a few baseline requirements in order for a war to be a source of national pride. we should not be the instigator we should declare war in response to direct foreign aggression toward us the war should be fought entirely for the benefit of the American people the war cannot be...
  18. deanrd

    CNN Media Analyst Stunned To Discover Sean Hannity Is A 'Propaganda Operative' For Trump

    CNN Media Analyst Stunned To Discover Sean Hannity Is A 'Propaganda Operative' For Trump BILL CARTER, CNN MEDIA ANALYST: What's very interesting is Hannity has been known to be known as a partisan commentator. But here he's like a propaganda operative because he's connecting with someone very...
  19. georgephillip

    D-Day Myth Feeds Trump's Militarism

    The US won the war in Europe? The Soviets experienced one 911 per day every day for 24 years. The equivalent of every American east of Chicago dying at Nazi hands. "It was the Soviet army that broke Hitler's back at Stalingrad, but the myth that the American army liberated Europe, serves...
  20. P@triot

    Once people realize you’re lying, they tend to tune out

    We continue to see ratings plummet for the liars... Rachel Maddow's ratings collapse after Mueller probe closes — and she's not the only one
  21. The Original Tree

    How The Left Subjugates It's Supporters Through Fear Intimidation, and Repetitive Messaging!

    Do you want to understand why anyone would vote at all for The Democrat Party with all of The Crazy Agendas they have? Do you want to understand why they engage in unreasonable and often unhinged messaging and why you cannot have a logical debate with them? This interview will completely open...
  22. The Original Tree

    Cohen Russian To Attack The House of Representatives & America

    This Crooked Douchebag who stole thousands of dollars from The Trump Organization sure is in a hurry to get some smears in on The President after being disbarred, and now on his way to prison for laying To Congress....(unlike Hillary). Now that it's clear after several investigations that the...
  23. MisterBeale

    "The Global Capitalist Ruling Classes are About to Teach the World a Lesson""

    So I just read a piece on an independent media blog. If it should come to pass, it really should make the next two years on this forum SO unbelievably boring, dull, and, quite frankly, monotonous. Everything is about to be staged. Nothing is going to be real. They don't intend to actually...
  24. BookShaka

    University of Illinois defends new 'Trumpaganda' course

    The University of Illinois- Champaign is offering a new course which examines U.S. propaganda in the Trump era and its effect on democracy and free press. "Trumpaganda: The war on facts, press, and democracy" is a new journalism course being offered at the University of Illinois- Champaign...
  25. deanrd

    Did you know the Kremlin was lobbying for Kavanaugh? I guess it's no surprise considering.......

    The Kremlin’s For Kavanaugh: Russian State Media Back Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee The Kremlin Hates America's 'Malignant Feminism,' Loves Brett Kavanaugh Russian state propaganda supports Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh As Senators narrowly advanced the nomination of...
  26. deanrd

    Fox News Military analyst leaves network calling Fox a propaganda machine hurting America

    Col Ralph Peters military analyst leaves Fox News Lt. Colonel: Convinced Putin has grip on Trump ----------- He said he is convinced Fox is damaging the country. Donald Trump, the president of the United States is frightened of Vladimir Putin. He said Fox used to be conservative and a...
  27. Litwin

    "Russian" official: British special services killed Rasputin in 1916 , and 95% of Australian aborigi

    "Russian" official: British special services killed Rasputin in 1916 , and 95% of Australian aborigines. Look like Muscovite empire goes totally nuts , look like 1916 all over again there. comments? " Maria Zakharova accused the British special services of involvement in the murder of Grigory...
  28. Balancer

    CDZ The image of the enemy in Russia and in the West

    This is not the first time I have come across the assertion that in Russia the image of the West as an enemy is constantly being created. But in the West, the image of Russia is designated enemy much less often. I do not see this tendency. Moreover, constantly reading / watching both Russian and...
  29. The Original Tree


    The Trump Campaign Team was ILLEGALLY WIRETAPPED by Obama Bin Spying and so was Trump Tower for 18 months before and after the election based on a FAKE DOSSIER paid for, Funded By The Democrat Party & The Clinton Campaign which was funneled to The FBI through Russian, Ukrainian and British Spies...
  30. The Original Tree

    MSNBC Caught Orchestrating FAKE NEWs LOL

    Morning Joe sucks, and I can't stand it, and it honestly would have been canceled had it not been for the attention their personal war with Donald Trump has helped them to stop from being shit canned. Now we find out MSNBC had been pulling a con game on Their Audiences by using Split Screens...

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