1. Sayaras

    Just another racist lying Pallywood - the false "accusation" against an innocent lady

    An Israeli receives threats after false claims that she is the "Gaza nurse" from the viral video. Thread: Israel-Hamas war misinformation - Day 40 Hannah Abutbul, an Israeli influencer, is being falsely doxxed as the woman in the misleading video of a supposed nurse at Al-Shifa hospital...
  2. D

    Algorithm of Ukrainian lies about Russia and a counter-algorithm

    False Ukrainian accusations against Russia and its leaders always have such a uniform character that we can say that Ukrainians use a certain algorithm.
  3. The Original Tree

    COVID 19 Facts that Completely Confuse Lying Liberals!

    This is how The Globalist Godless Left Lies to you every day, like they lied to you about Russian Collusion, Uranium One, The Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama funding Iran, a Terrorist State in violation of US law by flying $150 Billion in cash on pallets to Ayatollah Assahollah, and their funding of Al...
  4. MarcATL

    The Real Founder of the Racist Group, The Proud Boys...

    The usual white USMB supremacists have all been screeching to a man, and woman, that the Proud Boys leader is some black and/or latino person. As if to prove that that's why it's not a white supremacist group. Knowing all along that this was a blatant lie from the rancid depths of hell...
  5. georgephillip

    Trump: The Only Good Democrat is a Dead Democrat

    Is Trump the most mendacious POTUS in history? Yes, he is, and he's also the most dangerous. The Most Mendacious President in U.S. History "On Sunday, on Tuesday, and again on Wednesday, President Donald Trump accused the TV talk-show host Joe Scarborough of murder. "On Tuesday, Wednesday...
  6. DOTR

    CNN bombs again...liberals say lie to me again please.

    This was CNN’s prediction Jan 2019. Pathetic. Harris and Beto LOL. How many more times will wishful thinking and artificial boosterism, disguised as polls, embarrass them? This is how divorced from reality they are. The 2020 marathon has started with a sprint - CNNPolitics
  7. The Original Tree

    Presidents have THE RIGHT to With Hold Foreign Aide for ANY REASON

    Don't Let Schittler and Herr Gerry Nadler lie to you. The Executive Branch has the power to withhold and delay foreign aide and make it conditional or change the conditions. President Johnson did this very thing, and he did not ask Congress. He did ask them to evaluate the situatuion after...
  8. The Original Tree

    The Fallacy Of Polls

    Love polls. Of 500 people Surveyed in Islamophuckistan Minnesota 52% of The Somali...err Maerican people want Trump impeached. Margin of error + or - 5% Ok wtf? You interview 500 in people in America and the margin of error is plus or minus 5%? That means 25 people were totally confused and...
  9. deanrd

    You can really see the difference between Rep Nadler and Rep Shiff

    You can really see the difference between Rep Nadler and Rep Shiff There’s reports out that all the investigations are going to be under the umbrella of Adam Schiff. When you see how Nadler ran the committee meetings with Mueller and Lewandowski we all saw focused questions were lacking...
  10. deanrd

    ISIS in resurgence and growing more powerful under Trump administration

    ISIS in resurgence and growing more powerful under Trump administration Mike Pompeo says ISIS 'more powerful' in some places but downplays overall threat - CNNPolitics "What we've always said is the caliphate's been gone and there's always risks that there'll be a resurgence, not just from...
  11. deanrd

    CNN Media Analyst Stunned To Discover Sean Hannity Is A 'Propaganda Operative' For Trump

    CNN Media Analyst Stunned To Discover Sean Hannity Is A 'Propaganda Operative' For Trump BILL CARTER, CNN MEDIA ANALYST: What's very interesting is Hannity has been known to be known as a partisan commentator. But here he's like a propaganda operative because he's connecting with someone very...
  12. deanrd

    Congratulations! President Trump passed 10,000!

    Washington Post fact-checker says Trump has 'now hit 10,000' lies as president Kessler noted that Trump's rate of saying false or misleading statements have picked up recently, alleging the president had made 171 such statements in the previous three days. Kessler alleges Trump made 45 false...
  13. deanrd

    Trump lingers on damning report. Are we seeing evidence of the "Ultimate" Snowflake?

    From 'total exoneration' to 'total bullsh**': Trump lingers on damning report Instead of the "total exoneration" Trump had proclaimed earlier, the report portrayed the President as deceitful and paranoid, encouraging his aides to withhold the truth and cross ethical lines in an attempt to...
  14. deanrd

    Trump tells RNC donors: "The Democrats hate Jewish people"

    Behind the scenes: Trump tells RNC donors that the "Democrats hate Jewish people" To prevent leaks from Trump's Friday night Mar-a-Lago speech to RNC donors, security guards made attendees put their cellphones in magnetized pouches that they carried around like purses until they left the club...
  15. P@triot

    Liberals See Truth as Subservient to Feelings

    It's painfully obvious to anyone who is informed and pay attention. Progressivism is exclusively about feelings. That's why they support a failed ideology, failed policies, lying, etc. Because all of it feels good to them. Liberals See Truth as Subservient to Doctrine, Feelings
  16. The Original Tree

    Democratic Party Chairman Arrested on Pedophilia Charges

    Psalm 9:15-16 15 The nations have fallen into a pit of their making; their feet are snared in the net they have hidden. 16 The LORD is known by the justice He brings; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands A Democratic Party political consultant was arrested in Little Rock...
  17. deanrd

    Would you lie for Donald Trump?

    Rudy Giuliani's Afraid Lying For Trump ‘Will Be On My Gravestone’ “I am afraid it will be on my gravestone. ‘Rudy Giuliani: He lied for Trump.’” the former New York City mayor told The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner. ........... Rudy also said that tapes will prove trumps innocence and then...
  18. TheProgressivePatriot

    Another Disasterous Press Conference !

    This man-child cannot be civil because he is always on the defensive. And that is because he always lies !! Trump ends border security meeting by lashing out at CNN's Jim Acosta There is more. Even Fox News is calling him out on his bullshit: Fox News' Shep Smith debunks Trump's border...
  19. deanrd

    But, that's what he said about Stormy, remember?

    I was watching the president on the South Lawn. He was asked if he knew his campaign was sharing polling data with the Russians. And he said, "No, I didn't know anything about it". But that's what he said about Stormy and it turned out there was a tape. Can Republicans believe him this time...
  20. deanrd

    A novel idea for the USMB: Fact checking the cost of illegal immigrants.

    A novel idea for the USMB: Fact checking the cost of illegal immigrants. Cost of Illegal Immigrants - I know Republicans think that fact checkers are liars. Because reality facts just don’t jive with right wing facts. What’s nice about this article, is that it not only debunks...
  21. deanrd

    Does it bother the Republican base that Donald Trump lies?

    Does it bother the Republican base that Donald Trump lies? Just So it’s clear, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are not president. The current president of the United States is Donald Trump. Do the Republicans believe Donald Trump lies? And if he lies does that bother them? What are...
  22. The Original Tree

    Fusion GPS worked directly with The FBI on The Dirty Dossier

    Well, there you have it. The Insurance Policy was not only a COUP launched by senior members of The Obama DOJ and FBI, but it was collaboration with FUSION GPS, Christopher Steele, and other Russian Agents on the Dossier itself. So the FBI knew BEFORE any so called investigation in to Fake...
  23. The Original Tree

    The Globalist Left: Frustrated & Enraged Are Trying To Take Whitaker Down

    They couldn't get him to recuse himself, so now they are trying to bring up unfounded allegations. Same tactic they tried to use on Kavanaugh. And the source of course is From Bloomberg an avowed Marxist Radical and Trump hater. The source of the information is of course, anonymous. The...
  24. deanrd

    Donald Trump is a prosecutor's dream

    He surrounds himself with felons. He lies endlessly. He wasn't allowed to build in Australia because of his Mafia ties. He intimidates witnesses. He commits bribery. Is he or isn't he a prosecutor's dream?
  25. deanrd

    Hey, what about that 10% tax cut before November? Was that just a big, fat lie?

    Wasn't it only a couple of weeks ago Trump promised a tax cut for the Middle Class? Trump's bewildering new tax cut proposal is 'the height of cynicism' and an admission the GOP tax law failed politically Were you guys stupid enough to believe that? What else is he lying about? Or do you...
  26. deanrd

    GOP Political Ad: 'white Democrats will be lynching black folk again'

    Radio ad in Arkansas House race says 'white Democrats will be lynching black folk again' "If the Democrats can do that to a white Justice of the Supreme Court with no evidence, no corroboration and all of her witnesses, including her best friend, say it didn't happen — what will happen to our...
  27. The Original Tree

    Another Ford Lie

    She said Reporters Suddenly Showed up at her house and classroom completely taking her by surprise. The Washington Post stated categorically that Ford approached The Newspaper, not the other way around. Revealed in the accompanying video with this article. Judiciary Committee releases...
  28. deanrd

    Trump caves after backlash and will now allow FBI to interview anyone in Kavanaugh investigation

    Trump caves after backlash and will now allow FBI to interview anyone in Kavanaugh investigation According to The New York Times, the president on Monday afternoon told the bureau that it could interview anyone while conducting the week-long investigation into sexual assault allegations against...
  29. deanrd

    Republicans are still looting the country? Time for the middle class to take America back!

    It's only a month and a couple of days away. Will the middle class finally show up and take America back? Republicans have been looting the country since Reagan. Will the Caucasian Middle Class finally be more afraid of the GOP looting the country and running their scorched earth...
  30. deanrd

    O M G ! Sarah Sanders APOLOGIZES for telling a big fat lie about Obama. She APOLOGIZED? REALLY?

    Huckabee Sanders apologizes for false statement about black employment Sarah Sanders Apologizes For Her False Claim About African American Job Growth Under Trump Sarah Huckabee Sanders Admits Mistake On Obama's Black Employment Numbers Sarah Sanders apologizes for false claim about...

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