1. candycorn

    Zone1 Declassification List?

    Because if there is no list, anyone can walk out of any government building with our State secrets and simply tell whomever investigates later..."Oh, it was declassified." If there is no list of such declassification....there wouldn't be a way to prosecute anyone who does such a thing.
  2. candycorn

    Does Obama Win if We Do Not Invade Iraq?

    Curious about something.... If W had not invaded Iraq in a war of choice, does Obama become President? There are two main tracks that propel me to ask. First, Obama won the DNC nomination based, in part on Hillary's yes vote on the war. Maybe he would have won anyway because, as we saw in...
  3. candycorn

    Debate Now Mistakes in the 2020 Presidential Election

    This is an Invite Only thread. If your member name does not appear in the alert call list -- DO NOT POST HERE -- do not even use the rating buttons on posts in this thread. G.T. Mac1958...
  4. candycorn

    Covid 19...The Aftermath:

    An opinion: Perhaps the single most ubiquitous remainder of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic will be in the educational realm. Grade schools have gone partially, primarily, or even exclusively on-line in their instruction. While educators say that is not the preferred way to educate young people...
  5. candycorn

    Another Round of Stimulus Spending Headed Our Way.

    For those of you who were aghast that the blob (aka Trump) signed off on $2T in deficit spending ON TOP OF the $2T he spent in 2018 and 2019, get ready, he's about to authorize more spending. WASHINGTON – Americans have yet to receive their $1,200 stimulus checks from the federal government...
  6. candycorn

    VUDU--One Day in September

    I recently added VUDO streaming to my ROKU device. I'm not super impressed with the content on the service. However, there is one show that they have on there now that is a fantastic documentary about the Black September terrorist attack on the 1972 Olympics. I will link to the IMDB page...
  7. candycorn

    GMA Reporting Troops Injured in Attack by Iran

    It seems that the blob lied to us again. Brain injuries among the wounds GMA-Good Morning America
  8. candycorn

    Get Our Troops Out of Syria, Mr. President

    This is one of the few areas I agree with the blob. Bring the troops home from the Middle East. Why are they still there?
  9. candycorn

    Trump Demands Twitter Investigate...

    This is cartoonishly silly even for the blob.
  10. candycorn

    Lets Say the President Does Sign the CR on 2-15-2019

    How long do you think it will be before he declares a national emergency after signing the CR to keep the government running?
  11. candycorn

    Something That Has Always Fascinated Me About Conspiracy Kooks

    One thing that has always fascinated me about conspiracy theorists is that conspiracies seem to materialize out of nowhere, pull off the crime of the century, then fade away into nothingness just as quickly. Take the JFK conspiracy for example. If you believe some of the conspiracies bandied...
  12. candycorn

    How Much Do You Consume?

    How much federal tax revenue monies do you think you consume in a calendar year?
  13. candycorn


    There is a reason the windshield is bigger than the rearview mirror. Just a thought.
  14. candycorn

    Judge Strikes Down Citizenship Question in 2020 Census

    A Federal Judge has ordered the Commerce Dept to not have the question on the Census. Judge Orders Trump Administration To Remove 2020 Census Citizenship Question Furman's decision marks a significant milestone in a legal battle that began shortly after the Trump administration announced last...
  15. candycorn

    Political Gabfest Conundrum’s Edition

    Always an enjoyable listen: Would You Rather Be a Bird or a Mountain? Example: All must die; either all dogs or all cats. Which one do you choose and why?
  16. candycorn

    The Mooch Produces Trump Family Musical

    The video sort of speaks for itself: Anthony Scaramucci Promotes New Off-Broadway Trump Musical Starring Gina Gershon
  17. candycorn

    Go fund me border wall changes the game once more.

    First, the message was that ir would raise a billion or every penny would be refunded. Then it was changed to read that if the amount is not “significantly close” to a billion the refund would be processed. Now the page says the following... “If the wall gets funded by the govt, this fund...
  18. candycorn

    Any of this sound familiar?

    The longer the IC investigation into the Russian meddling in our 2016 election and more specifically, the Trump Campaign’s conspiring with Russians to meddle in the election, the more I am reminded of the movie Nixon. These are some excerpts. See if they sound a bit familiar to the rhetoric we...
  19. candycorn

    Super Tuesday 2020 (March 3, 2020) California Moves up Their Primaries

    An interesting thing happened recently. Governor Brown signed a bill that moved up the California Primaries to the first Tuesday in March. “Super Tuesday” as it is known will now feature: Alabama California Massachusetts North Carolina Oklahoma Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia Others may...
  20. candycorn

    Subpoenas For Payments to Trump Properties; Emoluments Clause

    Saw this on Twitter; Trump is named as the defendant. Just by looking at it, they seem to be probing possible violations of the Emoluments clause
  21. candycorn

    Alabama Honors Rosa Parks with Rosa Parks Day

    Took 63 yers but they did it. With Rosa Parks Day, Alabama moves toward recognition of its true heroes Good to see.
  22. candycorn

    Question about Commercials (NFL Players)

    Can’t find it online but I sort of think it has to be there. Does anyone else remember a commercial where two NFL players are checking into a hotel at the Pro Bowl and the desk clerk gives each their key. I thought it was Peyton Manning and Marshall Faulk but apparently I’m wrong about that...
  23. candycorn

    Turns out Trump Really Hates Veterans, Captured or Not…Living or Not

    First the blob doesn’t show up at a 100 year anniversary of WWI in Europe; after flying to Europe to attend it. Then he doesn’t travel 2 miles from the White House to honor Vets….ON VETERANS DAY…. Now it has come to light that the VA is short-changing living veterans as well: The blame for...
  24. candycorn

    POLITICO: Troops Sent to Border Will Be Home By Christmas

    " But the general overseeing the deployment told POLITICO on Monday that the troops will start heading home in the coming days as some are already unneeded and others complete the mission they were sent for. The returning service members include engineering and logistics squads whose jobs...
  25. candycorn

    Army Announces Mission Patches for Border Depoloyment

    Here it is: Meanwhile, over 1,000 Americans are missing in California due to the wildfires out there. Since we obviously have troops to spare and the Border Patrol is more than ready, willing, and able to take care of their own operations, shouldn't we deploy troops where they are needed the...
  26. candycorn

    Question for Trump Supporters. RE: Mueller Answers

    Just gauging the level of trust. Do you honestly believe that if there were answers and there were written answers given...that the president answered them without any advice of counsel?
  27. candycorn

    Freakonomics Radio Podcast

    American’s Hidden Duopoly. Part of the podcast is like, “duh” when they talk about how the Dems and Republicans have carved out a mutually beneficial atmosphere in the political sphere. Other parts of the podcast are fairly illuminating and I think it’s worth listening to. America’s Hidden...
  28. candycorn

    Early Analysis: 2020 Looking Good for Trump Based On Tonight’s Results

    Obviously a lot can happen (and will happen) in the 728 days until we have our next Presidential Election but what seems clear to me is that the nation is ambivalent to happy with what they are seeing from the blob. Can’t say I agree but from what I have seen from the Senate results…the nation...
  29. candycorn

    The only reason that the politics of the shooter/bomber matters;

    The only reason that the politics of the shooter/bomber matters is because the Right Wing posters on this board and numerous prominent right wing personalities immediately blamed the events on the left. You would think that being 0-2 in two consecutive days would teach them a lesson going...
  30. candycorn

    Suspicious package at CNN New York

    Happening now

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