1. JGalt

    President Trump just filed a lawsuit against Hillary over the "Russian Collusion" allegations

    Shit's fixin' to get real, yo. Case 2:22-cv-14102-XXXX Document 1 Entered on FLSD Docket 03/24/2022 Page 1 of 108 "UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT SOUTHERN DISTRICT OF FLORIDA CASE NO. DONALD J. TRUMP, Plaintiff, v. HILLARY R. CLINTON, HFACC, INC., DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE, DNC SERVICES...
  2. keepitreal

    Chuck McCullough III Harassed when He Blew the Whistle on Hillary

    Chuck McCullough III, one of the attorney’s representing the WB is the former ICIG Watchdog who played a central role in the Hillary Clinton email investigations He publicly came out and stated during a televised interview in 2017 that he, his family and his staffers faced an intense backlash...
  3. deanrd

    Trying to do to Biden what they did to Hillary. Can it work a second time? What about a third? More?

    Trying to do to Biden what they did to Hillary. Can it work a second time? What about a third? More? Joe Biden and his son we’re already investigated thoroughly by the media. Especially Fox and other right wing outlets. So the Trump administration is trying to create another Hillary Clinton...
  4. georgephillip

    If Dems Win in 2020: Hillary for Attorney General

    If Trump fails to win a second term, he will face prosecution on state and federal charges. Can you hear it yet..."Lock him up, Lock him up." And at least on of the useless eaters will die in prison. Statute of Limitations, DOJ May Prevent Trump Ever Being Charged
  5. JGalt

    America: You Dodged a Bullet

    This is what you almost got in 2016. Consider yourselves damned lucky.... Click here if you have no idea who this person is...
  6. deanrd

    Lawsuit: Trump’s mar-a-Lago three in violation of the Federal Records, Administrative Procedures Act

    VA sued over private emails between former top official and ‘Mar-a-Lago Crowd’ The suit alleges former VA Secretary David Shulkin used a private, non-official email account to communicate with Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter, lawyer Marc Sherman and Bruce Moskowitz, a Palm Beach...
  7. Marion Morrison

    Before the election in 2016

    Hillary appeared on "Between 2 Ferns", observe: :aargh:
  8. deanrd

    After Hillary and Obama, can Republicans really claim Trump derangement syndrome?

    After Hillary and Obama, can Republicans really claim Trump derangement syndrome? According to Republicans: Saying Hillary was running a child sex ring out of a pizza parlor and Insisting Obama was born born in Kenya Are NOT evidence of Hillary and Obama derangement syndrome. But...
  9. JGalt

    So how much did Trump pay Russia to hack Hillary's server?

    Did President Trump pay Russia to hack into Hillary's unsecure email server? And if he did, how much did he pay them?
  10. deanrd

    Wow! What Hillary said! Trump is "Putin's Puppet". And time will only prove her right!

    Secrets handed over to Russia by Trump in the Oval Office. Trump defending Russian interference in our election. Trump defending Russian Oligarchs. Trump removing sanctions. Trump lying. And Hillary told Trump he would be Putin's Puppets. Turns out, she was right. Watch Trump lie. Right...
  11. deanrd

    Today was the Republican’s last gasp on Hillary Clinton’s server

    Today was the Republicans last gasp on Hillary Clinton’s server Soak it up. Because today is the last time you’ll ever hear about it. Hillary is no longer in politics. And Republicans brought Comey in for a closed door session because they were too chickensh!t to do it in public...
  12. deanrd

    Remember the good old days? All we had to talk about was Obama's birth cert and college transcripts?

    Remember when Republicans were going nuts that Obama's birth certificate wasn't "real" and he was born in Kenya? Looking back, it's such a pathetic conspiracy. Remember when Obama told the Russians he would be more flexible after the elections? How the GOP turned that in to such a scary and...
  13. SavannahMann

    Time for a little truth on Russian interference.

    First, we need to go back a bit in history. Second, we need to go back beyond the 2016 election to before 2012. This is when Hillary and the State Department did violate international sanctions to gin up the Civil War in Libya, and then use Libya as a staging area to ship weapons to Jihadists in...
  14. deanrd

    Do right wingers still believe Sean Hannity's Hillary nonsense?

    So I'm watching Sean Hannity tonight and he has Jim Jordan on and Sean is talking about how close they are to bringing felony charges against Hillary Clinton. I was so surprised these right wingers are still going on with that nonsense. The election was a year and a half ago. And it's Trump...
  15. deanrd

    You guys have got to stop bringing up Hillary Clinton. It's NOT making your case.

    Hillary was investigated endlessly for over 30 years. No crime. Tens of millions in taxpayer money spent and all for nothing. Trump has been president a year and a half. His foundation is under criminal investigation. He's had to pay out tens of millions to settle civil suits. His entire...
  16. deanrd

    Donald Trump gave Kim Jong Un his personal cell phone number

    Trump is so invested in his new relationship with Kim Jong Un, he says he gave the North Korean leader a 'direct' phone number Trump Says He Gave Kim Jong Un His Direct Number. Never Do That OMG!. This guy is nutz. The Trump Administration’s Astounding Hypocrisy on Cybersecurity Goes Well...
  17. DarkFury

    IG Report Thread

    I'm thinking NOT. That IG report comes out and they will be running for cover. Give it 2 or 3 days and the finger pointing will begin. Give it a week and the rats will be jumping ship. There is simply NO WAY that report is bad for the GOP because it's NOT a report on them. But Shit Stain...
  18. deanrd

    Remember when Trump said people were bussed into New Hampshire to illegally vote for Hillary?

    New Hampshire Dug Deep Into Allegations Of Widespread Voter Fraud. It Found Very Little Donald Trump lost in New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton by 2,732 votes, but he said he would have won had it not been for people bused into the state to illegally cast ballots. He has offered no evidence to...
  19. Cellblock2429

    The FBI was actually trying to ‘Protect Trump’

    Well what about the FBI protecting the Hillary Campaign? Her emails were hacked and she lost. Why didn't the fBI plant a spy in any of the democRATs campaigns? The FBI wanted Trump to win...
  20. midcan5

    CDZ 'Blame Russia Narrative'

    "We get to vote? Big deal. People get to vote in Rwanda, Russia, the Congo and countless other autocratic states as well." The OP below covers our last election and the reality that is our politics today, read it but be aware you may learn something that challenges your assumptions...
  21. midcan5

    CDZ The 'deplorables' and the rest of us.

    The Russians are coming.... Why Hillary, why Trump or even Sanders? Would it matter? I think many Americans refuse, or are unaware of the powers that manage the American political landscape today. Two books and a fascinating article for these who want to understand a bit. Enjoy. Big...
  22. Cellblock2429


    Lawrence Lessig lays out how Hillary Clinton could end up in the Oval Office Here's how constitutional law expert Lessig lays it out: If number 1: If Trump is definitively found to have colluded directly with Russia, he would be forced to resign or be impeached. If number 2: If Trump is...
  23. DigitalDrifter

    Hillary immediately plays politics with the Las Vegas disaster/tragedy

    Bodies not even cold yet, and the bitch goes after the NRA Twitter
  24. HaShev

    Did Hillary & Debbie Wasserman Schultz leave open a back door?

    The trust for all those Pakistanis to have computer access and congressional access, install & create access like back doors, access to all the people who have classified info like operations over seas can be compromised all through the illegal acts those 2 comitted, including letting foreign...
  25. Auld Phart

    Hillary opens up

    Hillary Clinton admits her 'most important' blunder that swayed the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary's most important blunder, in her opinion? Deplorables Personal email as SoS And Comey calling her 'careless' was targeted at right-wingers? Psst, lady, you PROVED you were careless. and a...
  26. American_Jihad

    The Master Party would rather destroy America than question its own superiority

    I can see why the dumbocrats are imploding 2018 should finish them off... THE DEMOCRATS’ DANGEROUS DOLCHSTOSSLEGENDE The Master Party would rather destroy America than question its own superiority. August 17, 2017 Daniel Greenfield The Democrats went into the election certain that they...
  27. American_Jihad

    What difference would President Hillary make anyway?

    You got to admit it's a pretty funny title, "what difference at this point does it make" none we'd be worse off due to the fact she's rabid left-wing... NEVERTRUMP NOSTALGIA FOR A HILLARY THAT NEVER WAS What difference would President Hillary make anyway? July 20, 2017 Daniel Greenfield...
  28. American_Jihad

    Dem Officials Refuse to Release Voter Data for Trump’s Fraud Investigation

    Remember acorn and it still is about FRAUD... Dem Officials Refuse to Release Voter Data for Trump’s Fraud Investigation What are they trying to hide? 6.30.2017 News Trey Sanchez Even though President Trump has ordered an investigation into voter fraud, Democratic officials are refusing...
  29. Divine Wind

    Al Franken tells Hillary to "Move on"

    Heck, even Al Franken is tired of listening to Hillary's incessant whining about losing the election. It appears he was okay when she only blamed the Republicans and the Russians, but when she added blaming Democrats to her list of whines, Franken said "". Hillary Clinton told to 'move on'...
  30. Steve_McGarrett

    Breaking: ‘Complete Panic’ at Highest Levels of DNC Over Kim DotCom’s Seth Rich Announcement

    The shit is going to hit the fan this week. I suspect Tuesday. The DNC, Hillary, Podesta, and end the end, Obama, will soon be at an empasse. Seth Rich is the conduit to bringing them down, even in his death. Newt Gingrich brought this up this morning. It's something that can't be ignored...

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