1. Grumblenuts

    Dead Babies

    Guns are now the leading cause of death among children. Worse than car crashes. Worse than COVID. Worse than vaccines. Worse than postnatal miscarriage. So let's keep talking about how lazy and spoiled kids are these days, make, sell, and buy.. more guns...
  2. tyroneweaver

    That didn't take long. HR 127

    Joe Biden and you won't over come 85 million gun owners
  3. JGalt

    It was only 7 months ago....

    ...that Walmart enacted a store-wide policy of prohibiting the open carry of firearms in their stores, and to pull off the shelves all of the handgun ammunition and ammo that could be used in what they considered an "assault weapon"... "Walmart CEO Doug McMillon issued a memo Tuesday that...
  4. JGalt

    When ten rounds aren't enough...

    Magazine bans are a bad idea. Many people think that in a self-defense situation, three or four rounds are going to stop an attacker. That is a fallacy. In Hollywood, CA a machete-wielding subject attempted a car-jacking. When he was boxed in by several police cars, the subject fled. At one...
  5. JGalt

    Will Congress reopen with a flurry of attempted gun bills?

    This one sponsored by Houston's Sheila Jackson Lee was proposed before they went off session: If it somehow passed, you would have to obtain a license to own a firearm and/or ammunition, and it would require you to undergo a psychological examination by a government-approved psychologist, a...
  6. deanrd

    United Constitutional Patriots investigated for targeting Obama, Hilary and Soros for assassination

    Alleged Leader Of Border Militia Facing Federal Firearms Charges In New Mexico A criminal complaint filed by the FBI states that Hopkins, also known as Johnny Horton Jr., was in possession of nine firearms and ammunition in his northern New Mexico home in Nov. 2017. He had three prior felony...
  7. JGalt

    Records: 75% of revoked Illinois gun licenses ignored

    Yet more major failage from a state which has some of the strictest gun-control laws in the country. When is the rabid anti-gun crowd going to learn that merely stacking laws on top of laws instead of enforcing the existing laws, is not a solution to the their problem? Or maybe they just believe...
  8. JGalt

    FBI: Record High 8 Million Illegal Immigrants Tried to Buy Guns in 2018

    Liberals are rabid about gun-control, but this is one story you'll never hear on CNN or MSNBC. The poor "immigrants" are just buying the guns that Americans won’t. "They have already committed a criminal act by staying in the country illegally, yet a number of the illegal aliens attempted to...
  9. JGalt

    Anyone else carry concealed to church?

    If you do, why? If you don't, why not? I carry in church because I carry everywhere else. Being in a church doesn't mean there's any less chance of being caught in an active-shooter situation.
  10. NewsVine_Mariyam

    The dangers of divorce law: Attorneys pack pistols, install panic buttons

    The dangers of divorce law: Attorneys pack pistols, install panic buttons A man in Arizona killed several people associated with his ex-wife's lawyer — nearly 10 years after his marriage ended. "New York divorce lawyer extraordinaire Raoul Felder, who handled the celebrity splits of everybody...
  11. The Original Tree

    Time For Voter ID with Firearm Endorsements

    With all The Russia Hysteria over a Nothing Burger and Clinton Butt Hurt over losing, it’s time to give The Left exactly what they have been asking for. Voter ID Simply pass a Federal Law that mandates States indicate Citizenship on State IDs indicating that you are a Legally Registered Voter...
  12. P@triot

    If only Sweden would have outlawed hand-grenades

    Then, obviously, none of this ever would have happened. Of course, my comment above was satirical. Explosives are absolutely banned in Sweden (as is carrying any kind of firearm - though you may own them and hunt with them). So how is that whole “banned hand grenade” thing working out in...
  13. P@triot

    The definitive guide to the 2nd Amendment

    The entire left-wing narrative about firearms is a lie. It’s all built on a political agenda rather than on data. That’s right - 0% of the ATF investigators were able to make an illegal purchase. Not even one. Investigators test how well gun laws work online — and find shocking results that...
  14. P@triot

    The British suddenly want their firearms back

    There is nothing funnier than stupid people suffering the consequences of their own stupidity... :lmao: After London Attack, British Gun Activists Call For Right To Bear Arms
  15. Auld Phart

    Possibly the most moronic

    ad against Firearms I've ever seen. Gun Safety PSA Makes Striking Comparison To Expose Lack Of Regulations | The Huffington Post Hard to believe they actually wasted money making it.
  16. P@triot

    BuzzFeed attempts to restore credibility by copying Glenn Beck

    Glenn Beck mapped out the close ties between Barack Obama and the worst radicals America has ever produced. Among them was a series of foundations that George Soros had set up to hide who and what he was financing. All of it was 100% fact and took significant research to track down. George Soros...
  17. P@triot

    The entire progressive narrative on firearms obliterated

    It must be unbearable to be a progressive today. The entire ideology is just imploding. As if things weren't bad enough, now an illegal substance has been responsible for more deaths than firearms. So much for the progressive false narrative that outlawing firearms would prevent shootings. This...
  18. P@triot


    Progressives love their false narratives about firearms. They love to say that an armed citizen has "never" stopped a crime (when in fact an armed citizens prevents a crime every single day in America). They love to say that people who arm themselves are "cowards" who would actually panic and...
  19. P@triot

    Will these be enough to wake up progressives?

    Yet another bombing. Yet another mass stabbing. Proving yet again that guns are not the problem. If someone wants to kill - they will find anything at their disposal to kill with. A knife. A baseball bat. A bomb. An automobile. A rope. A hammer. The list goes on and on. Guns are the ultimate...
  20. Auld Phart

    Nothing like helping small business

    Right Obama? Now The Obama Administration Is After Gunsmiths? Heard about this earlier at the gun range, and it seems a local gunsmith may have problems paying for this extortion scheme of Obamas. What are your thoughts?
  21. O

    Buying my first Rifle

    I am looking to purchase my first long gun/rifle. The main reason is for large game hunting(ie deer), with a secondary reason of "home defense". I know, a long gun is not the most practical for home defense, therefore it is the secondary reason. What I am looking for is some advice as to what to...

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