NBC reporter, William Arkin, quits NBC due to media "Trump circus" encouraging perpetual war

the wall of fake news are cracking. you can't go through your entire life lying. sooner or later there is no benefit to it and people just stop giving a damn after awhile. right now we're still hung up in the YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT SHE DID NEXT clickbait. there will always be a crowd for that crap, but they will fade as people do in time, move on.

there are valid sites out there. oann.com is pretty damn good and simply old school "HERE" when it comes to the news. CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC and the rest are busy telling me how to feel and that simply isn't their call to make.
The elitist media love the Democratic Party far more than they love average Americans.

Democracy Now is pretty leftist, but I thought this was pretty interesting.

He nailed it, great interview. All of MSM and the vast majority working in Social Media wake up every morning, put on their Donkey uniforms and start attacking Donald Trump. They ignore what is truly important news and they intentionally mislead the American public. I am surprised more real journalists don't quit. Maybe there just aren't many left.

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