1. georgephillip

    Did the US Carry Out A Ukrainian Coup in 2014?

    The late Robert Parry argues a duly elected leader (Victor Yanukovych) was overthrown in 2014 by a minority of Ukrainians even after he agreed to move up elections so people could vote him out of office if a majority wished to do so. Parry also alleges the US sponsored this illegal coup much as...

    What lessons Africa and the Third World should learn from the presidential elections of Washington, Ulysses, and Eisenhower? By Mekki ELMOGRABI

    What lessons Africa and the Third World should learn from the presidential elections of Washington, Ulysses, and Eisenhower? By Mekki ELMOGRABI Yes, it was democracy and the will of the American people, but three US Army Commanding Generals became US presidents. It happens every 80 years in...
  3. The Original Tree

    Democracy & Justice Dying on The Vine in America

    Glenn Beck sums up exactly how I and the honest average man feels It is also why I feel as a Christian that we are in the age of prophecy where “The Mystery of Lawlessness is revealed” and are heading like a freight train in to the final Biblical prophecies as revealed in books like Isaiah...
  4. ding

    Should Israel separate Church and State?

    Some people say Israel is a Jewish state, which gives some special privileges to ethnic Jewish people. Others say Israel is a theocratic republic. While some people say Israel has evolved from democracy to theocracy. And others have said Israel is a benevolent autocratic, religious...
  5. H

    Liberate Hong Kong from Communist China's occupation: Letter to President Trump

    We need President Trump to save us. Only President Trump can save us. Hong Kong is dying. Hong Kong is suffering from Communist occupation. The Chinese communists want to grab Hong Kong people and move us back to China and throw us into prisons and torture us. Please bring this message to...
  6. deanrd

    Trump is right! There is a coup happening and it’s not over yet!

    I totally agree with Trump. Perhaps not in the way he states it, but I totally believe there is a slow motion coup continuing even today. Remember, there are three branches of government, the judicial, the executive, and the legislative. The judicial are the courts. The executive is the...
  7. deanrd

    The last two republican presidents the worst in American history. Pitiful, just pitiful.

    Remember when everyone became so angry at George Bush once they discovered we had been lied into Iraq? Then he let bin Laden go and shut down the CIA division that was tasked with finding bin Laden. Then Bush and the Republicans led the country and the world into the worst economic collapse...
  8. S

    Increase effective prices for broadcasting commercial time.

    Increase effective prices for broadcasting commercial time. Many of us are concerned about the huge and growing expenditures for seeking elected offices. I suppose purchasing electronic broadcasting time or space on internet screens is the most expensive single items for national and...
  9. G

    CDZ Democracy is "fine" but have many flaws

    Say I go to a cinema with many theater. Say 60% of the population in those theaters want to watch Captain Marvel. 10% want to watch Urotsukdoji. And say 1% wants to watch two girls one cup (don't look that up, I never did, I don't want too). The correct solution is obvious. We divide the cinema...
  10. G

    CDZ Why competition among states are very important for prosperity?

    I used to be a hardcore libertarian. I think all governments are wrong. Now I greatly moderate my position. You can see what I think here, Why states, nations, provinces, cities, and villages should be run like a business? . I am now far more centrist than libertarian. Why? At that time I...
  11. G

    Hypothetical Super Sexy Guys and Their Children

    Imagine Jamal. Jamal is sexy. He got really big cock. Every girls want to fuck and get knocked up by Jamal. Every single one. Jamal cannot make money. Is pretty much imbecile. Can't fight. But boy, can Jamal knock girls up. Jamal produces children after children after children. He lives on...
  12. Bleipriester

    A question for Democrats

    Who are those 3,5 million voters? Election Fraud? Registered Voters Outnumber the Eligible, in 462 Counties | National Review
  13. TheProgressivePatriot

    The Tree of Life synagogue - A Must Read For All Hate Mongers !

    I strongly urge everyone to read this before you utter, or condone another hateful, bigoted word here or any where else! Lambda Legal Responds to Tree of Life Massacre, Week of White Supremacist Violence Selected Excerpts: “ “ This is what it comes down to...... The bottom line...
  14. G

    Microsoft Becoming Democracy

    The story starts when one of the visitors on Microsoft’s territory discover some unused reserved of cooking oil. This causes some long chain of event that leads to US wanting to end Bill Gates’ dictatorship and promoting democracy in the company. A quick war follows. A bunch of marines with...
  15. deanrd

    You need to check to see if you are registered to vote

    You need to check to see if you are registered to vote. Republicans in red states have purged millions of black people Hispanics white people from voter rolls in an effort to skew the results of these midterm elections. Register to Vote and Confirm or Change Registration | USAGov Remember...
  16. deanrd

    Republicans are turning the United States into the new South Africa.

    Republicans are turning the United States into the new South Africa. Republicans are packing the courts. They control all three branches of government. They control the presidency even though they’ve lost the majority in six out of the last seven races. We’re watching the Republicans...
  17. Brian Blackwell

    "He's not MY president"

    It goes hand in hand with "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain"... If we all agree to draw straws to see who get tossed into the volcano, and you draw short, how do you have a right to complain? You agreed to draw straws in the first place. Of course he's YOUR president, you voted...
  18. S

    "What 'government' does best" by Larken Rose

    A little while ago, Larken Rose wrote an article titled "What 'government' does best" that starts off in the following manner: Here is the full article: Voluntaryists, like Larken and myself, believe all human interaction should...
  19. TheProgressivePatriot

    Jeff Flake, A Republican , Calls Out the Orange Ogre as a Danger to Democracy

    Flake's 20 most damning lines about Trump and the press - CNNPolitics Senator Flake held nothing back in calling out Trump on his dangerous assault on democracy, his lies, and his short cummings as a leader. And he is not done. He will be a thorn in the side of delusional Don all year...
  20. The Original Tree

    There is NO MYSTERY ABOUT Stephen Paddock's Motive!

    There is no mystery about why Stephen Paddock committed a terrorist act, and hate crime. The Media wants to spin the narrative about gun control, but the Story is MORE LEFTY HATE & MURDEROUS INTOLERANCE. The same motive was exhibited at the Congressional Baseball Game where only GOP...
  21. S

    We deserve a president Trump

    I’m not surprised or upset that foreign governments have attempted to influence USA’s elections. Only the very naive beIieve the United States has and will not in the future act in a similar fashion when we believe it suits our purposes. I believe and regret that we people are so stupid as to...
  22. anotherlife

    Barb Wire

    A visionary movie or cheap thrill? Barb Wire (film) - Wikipedia barb wire - Google Search In this old movie, apart from the very sexy girl in the center, it is portrayed, how a contemporary western democracy turns into fascism. All in the name of the majority, the electoral majority. This...
  23. anotherlife

    Ghetto for you a little?

    Blacks are mostly in ghettos. This government did that by inventing the interstate highways system and routing it through black neighborhoods specifically. Before that time the blacks had their own economy and even their own stock exchange. But is it only the blacks that the government can...
  24. DonaldFG

    CDZ The Future of American Freedom

    Me dear fellow citizens of the USA, our freedom has just taken a mighty blow. If you voted for Hillary Clinton, you may understand what I mean. But I suspect even among you, most do not. And if you did not vote for Clinton, you most certainly do not. Our Constitutional form of government...
  25. C

    The Greatness of the American People

    There is a produce store near me. It carries nice fresh fruits and vegetables pretty much direct from the growers. In the last year, twice while I've been shopping there, someone has accidentally dropped and spilled a package of fresh berries on the floor. (I believe it was raspberries in one...
  26. American_Jihad

    Farewell to Democracy

    Maybe the kiddies will learn something... Farewell to Democracy The price of politics in a society without virtue. April 20, 2016 Daniel Greenfield In the closing minutes of the film Moscow on the Hudson, Vladimir Ivanoff, a Soviet defector, sits in a New York coffee shop trying to make...
  27. Alexander the Arrogant

    The Reason Donald Trump is Exactly What America Needs

    It used to surprise me when I saw Trump winning in the polls. How could this racist, sexist, con artist, lying scumbag be pulling votes? Then I realized that most Trump supporters are saying the same thing."We are tired of the lying scumbag politicians telling us what they think we want to hear...
  28. American_Jihad

    The Progressives’ Phony Democracy

    One of these days the left will get the revolution they so desperately want... The Progressives’ Phony Democracy The fears of the Founders and the prophecies of Tocqueville are on their way to becoming reality. February 16, 2016 Bruce Thornton The sudden death of Justice Antonin Scalia has...
  29. DonaldFG

    What makes a successful economic system?

    What is the ultimate purpose of an economic system? It could basically be defined as a way to produce and distribute the goods and services needed by the society it serves. Okay, but how can we measure the success of the system we choose? Here are some ways: Every individual gets to enjoy the...
  30. K

    The Far Right Strikes Back..


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