1. The Original Tree

    There will be No 3rd Debate, just like there was No 2nd Debate

    I believe based on more and more evidence coming out on Biden, and The Obama Administration's Corruption, based on Senile Joe's deteriorating mental condition that there will be some excuse made as to why there cannot be a 3rd debate. There is no reason even right now not to hold the 2nd...
  2. The Original Tree

    Dems Just Quoted PUTIN as a Witness?

    You cannot make this stuff up. Douchebag argues that Russia wants to interfere in our election and then uses a short statement Putin made, to urge The Senate to Interfere in our Elections! You cannot make this stuff up. They are batshit crazy and desperate.
  3. The Original Tree

    Dem impeachment witness Vindman unloads on Blackburn as Dems wrap 3rd day of Trump's trial

    Yes he is a spy, and worked with the Whistleblower to file false reports and should immediately be deported back to The Ukraine. He had been asked by the previous corrupt Ukraine Government to be it's defense secretary over 6 times and that is where he should go. Remember kids: The Whistle...
  4. The Original Tree

    What Other Classified Information Did Eric Ciaramella Leak?

    What Eric Ciaramella is doing, even if it is 2nd hand information is a violation of The Espionage Act, the same set of laws The James Comey, Obama, and Lynch tried to protect Clinton from being prosecuted under. If you put all the pieces together, this guy has been leaking all along. I believe...
  5. The Original Tree

    Zaid & Ciarmella Both Most Likely CIA Deep State Operatives.

    There is no real logical reason for ZAID to tweet that a COUP was launched in January 2017 when Strozk, Page, Brennan, Clapper and McCabe had been planning Operation Latitude (The Insurance Policy) since August of 2016 secretly and announced secretly to each other that they were launching their...
  6. CrusaderFrank

    Comey IG Report Thread and Poll

    Supposedly to be released tomorrow. The IG report on Comey will...
  7. Conservative American

    COMEY: explosive IG reports lands comey in hot seat (via thedailywake)

    According to REALCLEAR INVESTIGATION, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz will soon file a report with evidence indicating that Comey was misleading the president despite assuring him that he wasn’t the target of an investigation, the former director was secretly trying to...
  8. The Original Tree

    What is Best For America?

    Should that not always be The Underlying Question to each and everything we do as Americans, and we ask our Government to do for us? It should not be, "What is best for Obama, or Clinton, or Trump?" It should be, what is best for America. I think The Voters made that choice. They knew Trump...
  9. The Original Tree

    Comey, Clapper & Brennan could get 300 Years in Prison!

    Avenatti, once the number one candidate for The Democrat Party Nomination Will now NEVER BE PRESIDENT and neither will the above mentioned criminals. All 4 have something in common. They all thought they were above the law, and they are all in jeopardy for spending the rest of their lives in...
  10. The Original Tree

    The Democrat Party Fatally Shot Themselves in The Foot for 2020 by Gambling on Russian Roullete

    Trying to stretch out a FAKE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION for another year is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It's clear now Mueller was appointed as a retaliatory act for firing Deep State Loyalist, James Comey, as there was no crime to ever investigate. As was suspected all along, thanks to The Patriotic Work...
  11. The Original Tree

    What Did Manafort & Podesta have in Common? Hillary Clinton

    The Podesta Group’s Board composed entirely of Russian Nationals got their hooks in to Clinton, then took her and Obama’s $14 Million, laundered it through COIE law firm to Fusion GPS to pay Russians to interfere in our elections like Obama tried to interfere in Israel’s Elections. The Paper...
  12. The Original Tree

    DemNazi Party Just Weaponized Congress against The President with an eye on 2020.

    Secret Depositions, Secret Courts, and more Unconstitutional Nonsense. The DemNazi party is out for blood even if The Mueller report completely exonerates The President. An Army of Inquisitors will soon be running Washington DC. It's McCarthyism all over again, only darker and much uglier...
  13. The Original Tree

    I think America should have a 2nd Civil War

    We have moles in The FBI, DOJ, in our schools, our Courts, and in our Institutions that are Hell Bent on destroying America. We now know The Obama Administration, FBI and DOJ launched a soft COUP and an attack on an incoming President even before he took the oath of office. I really think it's...
  14. The Original Tree

    Was Barak Hussein Obama Already Owned By Russia During His Debate With Romney?

    Let's review: Made a joke about the threat of Russia to America's Security Interests In a Hot Mic moment made a promise to work a back room deal with Putin Gave a Iran, A Terrorist State, $150 Billion to buy Russian Missile technology and Uranium Centrifuges Gutted our military Fired...
  15. The Original Tree

    Fusion GPS worked directly with The FBI on The Dirty Dossier

    Well, there you have it. The Insurance Policy was not only a COUP launched by senior members of The Obama DOJ and FBI, but it was collaboration with FUSION GPS, Christopher Steele, and other Russian Agents on the Dossier itself. So the FBI knew BEFORE any so called investigation in to Fake...
  16. The Original Tree

    Russian Collusion sent me to The E.R.

    Breaking News: Robert Mueller has just been admitted in to the hospital to undergo a procedure related to Russian Collusion that he uncovered during the most aggressive investigations conducted by him yet. After two years of monitoring, eaves dropping, wiretapping, and listening to hours and...
  17. deanrd

    Today was the Republican’s last gasp on Hillary Clinton’s server

    Today was the Republicans last gasp on Hillary Clinton’s server Soak it up. Because today is the last time you’ll ever hear about it. Hillary is no longer in politics. And Republicans brought Comey in for a closed door session because they were too chickensh!t to do it in public...
  18. The Original Tree

    The Globalist Left: Frustrated & Enraged Are Trying To Take Whitaker Down

    They couldn't get him to recuse himself, so now they are trying to bring up unfounded allegations. Same tactic they tried to use on Kavanaugh. And the source of course is From Bloomberg an avowed Marxist Radical and Trump hater. The source of the information is of course, anonymous. The...
  19. The Original Tree

    Dear Lefty: Please Define The Crime of Russian Collusion

    Dear Leftist Anarchists, Marxists, Socialists, Communist Radicals, and Deep State Sympathizers: Please DEFINE in WRITING......THE CRIME OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION. Is it John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, and Barak Obama selling 20% of US Uranium to Putin? Is it Obama giving Iran $150...
  20. deanrd

    Why are Republicans attacking the FBI? They did their job. The FBI got Trump elected!

    Harry Reid's Letter to James Comey August 29, 2016: First Reid Letter: FBI Must Investigate Russian Election Interference Investigating Donald Trump, F.B.I. Sees No Clear Link to Russia Harry Reid sent sensitive Trump collusion letter over CIA objections Even the CIA protected Trump. The...
  21. OKTexas

    Unanswered Questions

    Two major questions that I have for the DOJ IG. 1. What was the justification given for the FBI and DOJ conducting the email investigation of the bitch is such an atypical manner. Can he proved examples of other investigations of similar size, depth and importance, that didn't utilize subpoenas...
  22. DarkFury

    IG Report Thread

    I'm thinking NOT. That IG report comes out and they will be running for cover. Give it 2 or 3 days and the finger pointing will begin. Give it a week and the rats will be jumping ship. There is simply NO WAY that report is bad for the GOP because it's NOT a report on them. But Shit Stain...
  23. Buddie Chronicle

    The FBI’s Reckoning

    The Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General is rarely in the spotlight. But a highly anticipated report by the department’s internal watchdog will finally be released this week, ending a nearly 18-month investigation into whether the FBI acted improperly in the run-up to the 2016...
  24. Buddie Chronicle

    FBI vs Trump: How agents' political preferences can influence elections

    Another scandal spreads in the American establishment. According to American columnist for National Review Andrew McCarthy in a recent column Glenn Simpson the co-founder of an intelligence firm Fusion GPS, that compiled research on Trump during the campaign, had testified to the Senate that the...
  25. deanrd

    Did you have any idea that all this Trump corruption would show up so early in his administration?

    Personally, I figured that it would take time with the GOP helping him and covering for him. But this is a race against time. Who knew a president could rack up so much corruption in less than a year and a half? I'm flabbergasted. There is no way to even predict to what comes next.
  26. toobfreak

    Comey To Interview Sunday Night at 10PM on ABC

    ABC interviews Comey Sunday Night. This way Comey, the person that Hillary and the DNC blamed for costing her the election, that would have fired him had she won, that leaked government info, that conspired with Mueller to set Trump up for an investigation forcing Trump's hand in firing him...
  27. The Original Tree

    Robert Mueller is Compromised By Russia

    In Fact, Mueller's Entire Team and many in The FBI and DOJ are beholden to Vladimir Putin and Russian Oligarchs. It is a fact that Russia and Putin did not want President Trump to get elected, and actively campaigned against him and accepted millions of dollars from The DNC, Clinton and Obama...
  28. The Original Tree

    Spy vs. Spy: Skirpal, Strozk & Steele

    Well, isn’t this getting interesting? Apparently one of Christopher Steele’s Connections to Russia was Skirpal and Strozk traveled to The UK to meet with both Ex British Spy Steele and Ex Russian Spy Skirpal. Both Steele and Skirpal worked on The Russian Sourced Fusion GPS Dossier Skirpal...
  29. OKTexas

    It Seems Trump Was Fully Justified In Firing Comey

    Think about it, Comey had Manafort on his radar for more than three years and couldn't close the case. It took Mueller less than 6 months to get indictments. Comey's obvious incompetence brings into question every case Comey oversaw as director of the FBI. He has continuously displayed poor...
  30. Auld Phart

    Hillary opens up

    Hillary Clinton admits her 'most important' blunder that swayed the 2016 presidential campaign Hillary's most important blunder, in her opinion? Deplorables Personal email as SoS And Comey calling her 'careless' was targeted at right-wingers? Psst, lady, you PROVED you were careless. and a...

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