1. HaShev

    Is the Media guilty of the Racism it shouts about? (The Nikki Hailey incident)

    The so called town hall civil war question gotcha moment the Media is running with is a false complaint, because Nikki answered the guy's question with a deeper more intellectual answer that covered Slavery when she talked about man's freedoms-Duh! If you say the civil war wasn't over freedoms...
  2. Sayaras

    US Media: what do you watch (if you do)

    If you do watch broadcasts, on a weekday or on weekends, what is your channel? Or regular digitally news updates?
  3. HaShev

    Can Minneapolis sue the media outlets for insighting and justifying violence?

    1)people have convicted and have said to convict without trial, yet justice requires a process, one that requires a verdict that serves that justice. Mobs can't decide to skip that process or you have no law and the Mob is the problem not the solution. *see below issues with riots that harm the...
  4. Dan Stubbs

    False new is still alive and well.

    They are still at it, the story about Trump being co signed by a rich Russian Billionaire is proven false. CNN retracted the false story on TV yesterday. So all you folks who bought in to the story wrong again.
  5. Mac1958

    Chris Cuomo loses his shit

    Holy crap, this is fun. He's bitching about Italian stereotypes, yet he sounds like a character from the Godfather: Chris Cuomo Recorded Threatening 'Fredo' Heckler .
  6. Turn Right

    Fox News has rabid never-Trumper hosts. Is CNN, MSNBC, etc., that balanced?

    Some Fox hosts are incredibly hostile toward all things conservative, and Fox debate panels have the most ferociously divided representation from both sides. Can you point to a single hard-core conservative hosting CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc., shows? And is being more balanced (while being crucified...
  7. P@triot

    No surprise here

    1. Conservatives are exponentially more informed than their counterparts on the left (who are too busy “Keeping up with the Kardashian’s” and other “pop-culture” nonsense to take the time to make themselves an informed voter) 2. CNN has an abysmal record for reporting. Of the so-called...
  8. Justin Richardson

    The Egotistic Democrats

    The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. But I understand, it's in their blood. It's in their "way of thinking". I know they will always deny they would ever "incite" any violence upon anyone. Including the President. Their only agenda is to make this country "gun-free". Ban the Second...
  9. JGalt

    Next up on House agenda: Investigating Trump's Attacks On 'Fake News' Media

    Apparently the House Democrats have taken up the issue of President Trump attacking their propaganda machine, and believe that he must be stopped. In a bold move just to show how they're overplaying their hand, the House Democrats reportedly are planning to open an official investigation into...
  10. Litwin

    «Achtung RuSSia!» Polish TV compared Muscovy with the Third Reich, and Putin - with "Zyklon B"

    do you agree with Polish TV channel TVP ? i do . i hope that CNN, BBC and Fox will keep with this level... "Polish TV compared Muscovy with the Third Reich, and Putin - with "Zyklon B" Polish TV channel TVP Info demonstrated portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin, stylized logo of...
  11. Cellblock2429

    Libs love polls. Here's one. CNN: Trump Approval Spikes After Kavanaugh

    /----/RUSH: CNN is not happy. They have a poll out showing Trump’s approval ratings have spiked and gone up at the conclusion of the Kavanaugh confirmation fight. Not cool. Also, independents disapprove of the Democrats’ handling of the Kavanaugh nomination by a 28-point margin in the CNN poll...
  12. AsianTrumpSupporter

    CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Apologizes For Past Gay Slurs On Twitter

    CNN Reporter Kaitlan Collins Apologizes For Past Gay Slurs On Twitter CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins apologized Sunday for anti-gay slurs she made on Twitter as a college student. The conservative LGBTQ group Log Cabin Republicans resurfaced messages from 2011 in which Collins...
  13. DOTR

    CNN is “terrified”

    The winning never stops. And the whining. How these people whine in their death throes. And lie. It’s owellian how they project (liberals always project). When they make an accusation they tell you just what’s on their own minds. This guy claims Trump... “...makes a mockery of cherished...
  14. C

    Kavanaugh/Ford Wednesday Sept 26th 2018 Merge Thread.

    Mod Message: Here it is -- the fresh daily merge of all opinion, comments, on Kavanaugh/Ford. Closing MOST of the new ones being generated. Chronic offenders who don't get this will be warned. Put ALL comments, opinions, projections, breaking gossip on the topic HERE !!! Well they can say...
  15. S

    Hey CNN: Americans don't care about the Russia Investigation

    CNNs own recent internal polling shows that Americans on all sides of the political spectrum want this investigation over with. What has it accomplished? Huge no- bid cybersecurity contracts for Raytheon and Booz-Allen Hamilton to name just 2. Yet we are still told that big scary Russia is...
  16. HaShev

    CNN inadvertantly admits Dems have thwarted and interfered with equal justice

    CNN political analyst David Drucker Admits inadvertantly that the Dems have been involved in problematic Interferance of equal justice and abuse of their power. He did this when discussing how it would be perceived if Trump pardoned Manafort which has not even happened, however the Dems have...
  17. HaShev

    Oops, Liberals and MSM eat their former words again.

    Remember the attacks on Trump for claiming a Judge can be Biased? Oh how the Democrats and Liberal Media tried to school everyone that Judges rule on cases seperating themselves from personal bias (like they claimed the FBI did). CNN's Tapper even had the nerve in an interview with then...
  18. HaShev

    CNN's Chris Cuomo called Chuck Schumer Ugly

    See what I did there, I used CNN's own word play technique to grab your attention. Now that you are reading this, what Cuomo meant is in seeing the illegal immigrants as not one of us is an ugly inclination, one that Chuck Schumer literally said about the immigrants a few years back. Grab a...
  19. HaShev

    Liberal MSM defeating their own argument when using phrases like "no evidence"

    Seriously, how do the MSM hosts and guests tie their own shoes? Do they all wear slip on or velcros? As soon as they use the phrase "Absolutely no evidence" in regards to what the Nunes memo is pointing out, they inadvertantly are proving the memo in itself. The memo itself, being about...
  20. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Lifetime Fitness gym chain bans cable news channels from its gyms for better health

    Life Time Fitness bans cable news from its TVs WASHINGTON - New year, new you! It’s how the saying goes. At Life Time Fitness, it’s a whole new policy. The company has decided to turn off cable news. No more CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or CNBC. Life Time would not go on camera, but sent FOX 5 the...
  21. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Donald Trump will announce "the most dishonest & corrupt media awards of the year"!

    Donald J. Trump on Twitter Awesome. I can't wait. We all know CNN will be on there. My guess is MSNBC, NY Times, and Washington Post will be on there as well.
  22. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Biggest CNN fails of 2017

    CNN is a national embarrassment.
  23. S

    Shocked! CNN Anchor exposes United Nations

  24. HaShev

    Missing underlining factor to Al Franken's removal

    Did Al Franken's removal become enhanced by Comcast and it's bought politicians distaste for Franken's lone crusade as their revenge? Political connections & greased palms come in handy for corporations seeking mergers and regulatory favors. But when you don't play along, the power of those...
  25. Litwin

    "Russian" President Putin signs 'foreign agent' media law

    only on the "FAKE" media ?, what will be free world reaction in this? " Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law that allows the government to list any foreign media operating in the country as a foreign agent. The bill, in retaliation for Kremlin-backed broadcaster RT being told to...
  26. Litwin

    Trump-"Russia" investigation: 'First charges filed' in Mueller probe into Kremlin meddling in US ele

    'First charges filed'....very bad news for the Free World/USA traitors , Putin´s useful idiots, Olgino´s trolls, Putin his gas-station and Muscovite spies whats new? "Trump-"Russia" investigation: 'First charges filed' in Mueller probe into Kremlin meddling in US election Special...
  27. Litwin

    McCain: Putin is a murderer and thug

    well, great statement from the great man. when Putin well the walls of the Hague, for his crimes ? McCain: Putin is a murderer and thug - CNN Video - ▶ 0:47 9 feb. 2017 When asked about the alleged poisoning of a vocal...
  28. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Project Veritas drops trailer, teasing more fraud by NBC, CBS, NY Times, etc.

    This is going to be great. :)
  29. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Hillary Clinton, the DNC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. can blame everyone and anything they want....

    But the reality is that the election was about a choice between.... Hillary Clinton (after the DNC screwed Bernie Sanders): ...and "white supremacist" Donald Trump:
  30. AsianTrumpSupporter

    Aliyson Camerota of CNN is frustrated that panel of voters sides w/ Trump on Charlottesville

    The look on her face when one of the voters describes Antifa as violent Stalinists is also priceless.

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