The Egotistic Democrats

Justin Richardson

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Apr 15, 2019
The Democrats should be ashamed of themselves. But I understand, it's in their blood. It's in their "way of thinking". I know they will always deny they would ever "incite" any violence upon anyone. Including the President. Their only agenda is to make this country "gun-free". Ban the Second Amendment, be "Pro-Choice" and say it is ok to kill a fetus at even at 3-week stage. Report stories that happen on a daily basis, and then omit only the parts that are true - then report only what they feel and think America should read and see.
I could mention more, but that would certainly bore just about everyone on the planet.

But to say they don't "incite" violence?

Nahhhh...they would never say they do, right?

April Ryan from CNN. This is her tweet:


And this is what she said on the Erin Burnett show April 20, 2019:

This is one of many reasons why Trump will win the 2020 Re-Election. People like those Democrats don't have a chance.

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