1. Sayaras

    Islamic fascist Republic of Iran contaminating Chinese w/ antisemitism

    Connecing the dots. Iranian Islamic Republic poison infecting Chinese... a new hate front. Ever wondered why TikTok - algorithm is a new major player in modern 'Der Sturmer'... Iran joins Middle East propaganda war on China's TikTok Iran Joins Middle East Propaganda War on China's...
  2. JGalt

    So exactly what did the CHICOMs get in return for their 10% for the Big Guy?

    The "Big Guy" being none other than Joe Biden. In this thread, we list ways which Joe Biden as a US President has given concessions, special privileges, or otherwise benefited China after he was elected. It's no secret that Joe Biden and his family received millions of dollars from China when...
  3. S

    United States Innovation and Competition Act

    United States Innovation and Competition Act: I'm among the proponents of the improved Import certificate policy described in Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. Regarding the Senates' bipartisan passed Chips act, I won't speculate if Import Certificate policy were currently in effect...
  4. KoolKolt

    Conservatives are to Putin as liberals are to Xi?…

    Why is it that in American politics, liberals liken conservatives to Putin and conservatives liken liberals to Xi? Conservatives are Russian bots and liberals are Chinese bots. Liberals seem to hate Putin because he is an evil dictator and “right wing fascist”. Conservatives seem to hate Xi...
  5. P@triot

    Weakness INVITES aggression

    The reason the entire planet goes to shit when the Democrats are in charge is because weakness really does invite aggression. Right now, both Vladimir Putin (Russia) and Xi Jinping (China) smell blood in the water thanks to the weakness and incompetence of the Democrats. Both sides are...
  6. The Original Tree

    Massive Wealth Transfer from The COVID Enterprise: You will own nothing and be happy!

    For me to have an actual conversation with any of you on this topic, means that you have to be aware of a few facts. (Not Emotionalism or Bleeding Heart Do Gooderism Statements), but FACTS. Because of the COVID scam Joe Biden has printed 40% of all the money that has ever existed in The United...
  7. The Original Tree

    Biden snuggles up with Pooty Poot Putin

    After a long night of drinking, and gazing in to Putin's mesmerizing eyes, China Joe found himself in Putin's bed the next morning, slightly hung over and clumsily searching for his underwear. Putin comes in from his early morning jog with his pet grizzly bear, and remarks to Joe, what a...
  8. The Original Tree

    There will be NO END to Democrat Misery

    When you come by things dishonestly; when lying and cheating are your only virtues; when you persistently practice these so called virtues to the detriment of your own country & for your own selfish gain; one has to believe that what we are seeing in The Biden Regime's ineptness, incompetence...
  9. The Original Tree

    Vote For Biggest Democrat Lies in the last few years

    We all know that Democrats Lie and have taken their blueprints for gaining total political power from Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union, and books like Rules for Radicals, and Mein Kampf. So what are the biggest lies they have tried to sell the American people in the last few years? Vote and...
  10. badbob85037


    Why we must impeach Biden 1. Everyone that shows him any support also shows vass stupidity and are morally deprived and mentally warped. 2. He has gone beyond failure of duty but has used billions of our tax dollars to import millions of infested illegals to every US city causing death. 3...
  11. Litwin

    Ministers close to deal that could end China’s role in UK nuclear power station

    great step forward, the next step end Moscow role in all space projects , down to barbaric hordes Long Live the Liberal Order !! " Ministers are closing in on a deal that could kick China off a project to build a £20bn nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast and pump in tens of millions of...
  12. Tom Paine 1949

    China will fly military jets over Taiwan itself, dare Taiwan to fire on them

    Recent articles in the Global Times have strongly suggested the Chinese Air Force will fly jet fighters over Taiwan proper and dare the Taiwanese to fire upon them. These articles are a crystal clear warning that China is dead serious about upping the ante against what it feels are intolerable...
  13. The Original Tree

    How long before China invades Taiwan and Russia invades Israel?

    Our enemies are emboldened, and even encouraged by the Bumbling Biden Regime who seemingly walks a thin line between cowardice and stupidity. Hard to tell which day they are doing what. But every day The Biden Regime is in power has our enemies licking their chops at the prospects of achieving...
  14. P@triot

    The CCP must be removed

    There is absolutely no place in the 21st century for communism. None. It is time the entire international community ban together and permanently remove Xi Jinping and the CCP from power.
  15. AmericanMind

    The Thirty Tyrants

    Biden’s inauguration marked the hegemony of an American oligarchy that sees its relationship with China as a shield and sword against their own countrymen. Like Athens’ Thirty Tyrants, they are not simply contemptuous of a political system that recognizes the natural rights of all its citizens...
  16. P@triot

    Joe Biden's CFAL Doctrine

    Joe Biden is clearly deeply committed to his China First America Last (CFAL) doctrine. The reason is obvious: the payoff is enormous for China Joe and is corrupt crime family.
  17. Tom Paine 1949

    CDZ The growing peril of war with China over Taiwan

    This article has been adapted from a lecture delivered by experienced U.S. Ambassador and Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs from 1993-94 — Chas Freeman — to the Committee for the Republic. It discusses the drift toward war over Taiwan and carefully reviews the...
  18. Robert Urbanek

    Star Trek: COVID-19

    In the Star Trek episode, The Omega Glory (1968), the crew discovers a parallel Earth where the Chinese Communists (Kohms) won a biological war against the Yankees (Yangs), who, reduced to a barbaric state, are retaking the land they had lost. While the Chinese may have not engineered the...
  19. Invisibleflash

    Chinese Sociologist: 'U.S. Will Not Survive,' 'We Will Drive the U.S. to its Death' by 2027

    Chinese Sociologist: 'U.S. Will Not Survive,' 'We Will Drive the U.S. to its Death' by 2027 | MRCTV In the global economy, China stands out. We are ahead of schedule in terms of overtaking the United States. There will be no problem reaching this goal in 2027. The U.S. will not survive. As...
  20. Robert Urbanek

    Koreans fear China, not Japan

    China, not Japan, should be considered the main adversary of South Korea, according to a recent conversation I had with my Korean friends. They said recent controversies, like grievances over Japanese use of Korean “comfort women” in World War II, were being stirred up by politicians. Relations...
  21. The Original Tree

    Shocking Report on Biden and Obama’s involvement with Dominion

    Not shocking that this Fraud goes clear back to Obama and the 2012 elections. That’s when all this started.
  22. The Original Tree

    Democrat Hackers steal $2 Million from Wisconsin GOP Like I said, and have warned you all, The Democrats intend to pull out ALL STOPS to steal this election including actually stealing campaign funds.
  23. The Original Tree

    Joe Biden will lose Pennsylvania

    Just like in 2016, The Pollsters are lying to you to discourage voter turn out for President Trump. They narrow their points gap margins only immediately before the election so as to appear a little less inaccurate, so as to give a false cloak of legitimacy to their mission, and that is to...
  24. B

    Biden asks President Xi of China to help him become President; then President Xi sends the covid 19 Virus. Sure, he said it was a joke in Public, BUT he was serious in private. So was President Xi, as he sent the virus over to the US to help Biden steal the Presidency.
  25. B


    Under the Obama/Biden Administration, the National Institutes of Health approved grant money to go, in part, to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study the coronavirus. Ostensible, the understanding was that the US would be privy to scientific information the lab techs in China discovered...
  26. Tom Paine 1949

    The real threat of Chinese TikToc ...

    American teenagers are excited and creative users of the Tiktok app. This popular Chinese video app is being attacked by President Tump. Nobody seems to know why. I have been trying my best to explain this serious Chinese Communist threat to our children and to our bodily fluids, for example...
  27. Tom Paine 1949

    We Are All ... “Manchurian Candidates”!

    Everyone is by now aware of U.S. created paranoia and the banning & sanctions against China’s Huawei Corporation, ostensibly protecting Americans from never-discovered Chinese “back doors” in commercial 5G equipment. Huawei’s CFO and the daughter of its billionaire Chinese founder is still under...
  28. J

    The Coronavirus and how China’s Communist Party rules in the United States

    The Coronavirus and how China’s Communist Party rules in the United States The experts have told us many things, and even encouraged irrational actions which add to our nation’s confusion and dilemma. And some of the things, which are announced by the experts, are selected by our Fifth Column...
  29. DigitalDrifter

    U.S. intel concludes China reported fake numbers to conceal true size of coronavirus outbreak

    But of course this report will be ignored by the left, since they don't want to upset their new heroes. "China Concealed Extent of Virus Outbreak, U.S. Intelligence Says" "China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths...
  30. JGalt

    China makes largest U.S. grain purchases since start of trade war

    Apparently China has had their worst wheat harvest in 55 years. Maybe we should bump the price up another $80 billion. "China in the last week made several large purchases of American grain, sparking hope in the farming sector that the nation intends to make good on its promise to buy billions...

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