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    What motivates you to vote Democrat?

    Getting an extra $1.50 a week from Paul Ryan's and fuck face Trump's tax cut doesn't make it...
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    Comic relief, Senators on hot mic: Trump is ‘crazy,’ ‘I’m worried’

    Is that Tomi Lahren... Pretty slutty if that's her...? But she's a Republican God Guns and GOP groupie so she probably went out with him...
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    I'm beginning to really HATE the people lined up against Trump. Is that wrong???

    Trump should be in a prison for the criminally insane...
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    I'm beginning to really HATE the people lined up against Trump. Is that wrong???

    Where was the country that you need to bring it back... Obama walked into the Oval office on day one where the financial world was on the brink and he did a tremendous job... Trump would have crawled to the corner of the room and would have curled into a fetal position... Crying like a baby...SAd.
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    The wrath of Trump

    Trump's focus is on the hundreds of millions of illegals who voted for Hillary so his attention is elsewhere.
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    Low Confidence in Trump Wordwide

    The rest of the world is moving at light speed compared to us technology wise... The world wants electric cars... Trump and Rick Perry are big on coal.... Look forward to Perry announcing plans for coal powered cars.
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    VIDEO: Far Left Activists Applaud Speech Comprised Entirely of Hitler Quotes

    And Rightwingers freaked the fuck out when NPR tweeted out the Declaration of Independence on July 4th.. NPR Tweeted Declaration Of Independence, And Trump Supporters Flipped Out | HuffPost
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    Since when does the FBI Director leak private conversations with the President?

    When he's a private citizen since the President fired him because he wouldn't shit can the investigation against him...
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    Ingraham: Innocent people are paying the price for multicultism

    Wasn't Brian Kilmeade from FOX the one to say America has a problem because we marry inter species???
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    Trump agrees to testify under oath about his conversations with Comey

    Really doesn't prove anything... Trump will not have a problem lying even under oath.
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    What MUST Be Done About Islam

    What in the friggin hell are people doing listening to Michael Savage,Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh,Sean Hannity... They do what they do because assholes follow them and they make a fortune off these losers. Sad.
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    What MUST Be Done About Islam

    Sometimes I'm amazed that people are proud to let everyone know how fucking stupid they are... And the rest assign little gold winner stars to these comments.
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    Trump asked Comey for his loyalty.

    I guess you only trust what Alex Jones pushes...
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    Do Snowflakes Realize Even If Trump Is Miraculously Impeached Based On No Evidence...

    I'm not sure I get the point?.... Unless you're trying to kill my buzz
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    What's The Republican's Agenda With Trump In Office?

    Trump's agenda?... Blah blah blah... build the wall... Trump's chumps cheer... Blah blah blah... Healthcare something something... Trump's chumps cheer... Blah blah blah... Tax cuts for the rich... Trump's chumps cheer... Blah blah blah... something something... bigly.... Trump's chumps...

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