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    De Blasio’s social distancing tip line flooded with penis photos, Hitler memes

    Ram,can you see the irony? A post filled with nasty and sleazy memes by Americans who think they are immune to virus calling those who are cautious foul names, and your response is: "You hate us, don't you?" It is not hate that makes a person take no chances to protect loved ones, even from...
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    De Blasio’s social distancing tip line flooded with penis photos, Hitler memes

    Wow! Them Trumpbots sure got a lotta class, just like their God.
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    New York Accepts Ventilators From Our Enemies

    That's the dumbest thing you could possibly post as a Trumpbot. You act like you have the brain of a chicken as my old granny would say, waking up to a new world every day. Who is it that discredits our entire intel agencies on a daily basis in an effort to make our Charlatan-in-Chief look...
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    attention site owners and directors Firefox says this is untrusted

    make sure https:// preceeds your browser address
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    Kudlow says Stimulus Package will Total More than $2 Trillion...

    who had to approve and sign it?
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    I Smell a [Coronavirus] Rat - Patrick Henry

    Lenny, I see no Trump-inspired accomplishments. I see promises. I see a lot of crowing about how things are going to be but never quite make it into reality. I see a growing continuation of events and programs already in place. And I see a lot of people who are willing to accept those broken...
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    I Smell a [Coronavirus] Rat - Patrick Henry

    Trump will get credit for eradicating the Coronovirus when Satan drives a Zamboni to work.
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    Spring Breakers

    You must live on a river in Egypt! And Italy must be a very unhealthy country. They are losing nearly 500 people a day, I heard yesterday. When the study of this disaster is complete, maybe we will find out why Italy's death rate is so high. But one thing is clear...America's money ain't...
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    Spring Breakers

    I remember those days when I was 10 ft tall and bulletproof! Don't worry, will. At birth, we are the center of the world and our every need is catered. We spend the rest of our lives learning we are not the center of the universe. Some learn sooner, some later. Sooner is better.
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    I Smell a [Coronavirus] Rat - Patrick Henry

    Here's Video Of Trump Trying To Explain Why He Cut The Pandemic Response Team
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    I Smell a [Coronavirus] Rat - Patrick Henry

    Unknown unknowns! Our arrogance in refusing to consult WHO or other countries in a timely manner places us behind. Don't look for answers from Trump's daily chest-pounding self glorifications. First it was hoax! Some idiots still cling to this, and it is my dearest wish they all put on their...
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    For Sale!

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    Should We Blame Corona On The Liberals?

    What is this need to blame someone for a disease? Sometime the whole of mankind is pretty stupid. It's a disease and it wants to live so it aggressively seeks a host. All of them, from the dinosaurs on have either evolved or gone dormant, but in one form or another, they're still around. We...
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    its not the Trump virus its the lefts virus !

    Yidnar, where do you get your info? Is there a planet out there nobody else knows about that sends you special signals? Because the Trump I watch has to be corrected within minutes every time he opens his mouth
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    its not the Trump virus its the lefts virus !

    Moi? Lie? makes more sense to me than the incoherent trash coming from the White House that protects nobody.

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