worried about the economic policies of president elect Obama

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    I'm a student who came back to Korea after studying in LA last month.
    First of all I'd like to congratulate Barack Obama on winning the election from the bottom of my heart.

    The whole world has gained hope and expectations on the domestic and foreign policies of America due to the election of Obama.

    Koreans remember and thank America for its assistance in economic development while Korea was engaged in war.

    After the Korean War, Korea was able to develop itself as one of the top 10 economically strong nations and keep peace and freedom in the Korean peninsular due to the US-Korea alliance.

    Some are worried about the economic policies of president elect Obama.

    As a Korean myself I too am worried as elect Obama is showing differences in opinion regarding the FTA. However I am relieved once I think about the firm US-Korea alliance and believe that the deal will go well.

    I believe the US-Korea FTA will help overcome the current economic crisis and bring peace and stability to Northeast Asia. Furthermore, great help to America's domestic and foreign security strategies.

    I express my wishes for the US-Korea FTA to be concluded as soon as possible for the interests of both nations.

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