What Do You Think : Will the Association Agreement be signed to the end of this yea

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    Catherine Ashton: “…2011 was to have been a year of unparalleled opportunity and development in EU-Ukraine relations. Our aim was to sign an Association Agreement, including a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area, by the end of the year.
    That Association Agreement was not conceived as a gift to Ukraine, or a gift to the EU: it was envisaged as a mutually beneficial contract sharing our values and standards, opening our markets, modernising and diversifying the Ukrainian economy and entrenching the rule of law and fundamental freedoms.
    I believe we should not walk away from the technical negotiations, but continue them with the aim of having before us on the table, a document which makes it clear to both sides what is possible – and also what could be lost. Ukrainian voters will have the options clearly before them.
    But we can only sign such an agreement if we are convinced that the Ukrainian leadership believes in the values on which it is based, and is committed to upholding them. ”

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