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Sep 22, 2014
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Or uh gun

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Viewing thread What does antifa actually mean... antifa= anti "First Amendment.", Apr 30, 2017 at 7:45 PM
    1. abu afak
    2. abu afak
      abu afak
      DP WORSE than ever

      Just got 2-day Temp for Polite exchange telling Gina vios in BN. She did NOT even understand that Huffpost, named AS non-MSM, in guidelines & 'Egyptians Streets' obviously not
      She complained she didn't know the BN rules/needed a look.
      REALLY? A few looks over the yrs would have sufficed. she only started 5 in 5 yrs

      Several Mods had posted IN the threads! (Helix, Goshin Your Star)
    3. ChrisL
      Hello there! Hope you don't mind that I added you to my friends list. :D
      1. Dogmaphobe thanked this.
    4. abu afak
      abu afak
      Things at "that place" suck
      There is the perception of overactive-mod-syndrome among many.
      Bannings/suspensions/vios galore.
      One female mod (who wasn't even a good poster) seems to be on meth.
      1. Dogmaphobe
        Yeah, tell me about it! Gina infracted me three times in two days for absolutely nothing. I got a big one for simply reminding Montecresto that he had thanked a post calling for the extermination of Jews. He kept lying about it, Ecofarm and I kept telling the truth and we were both penalized for it.
        Dec 31, 2014
      2. abu afak
        abu afak
        She gave me 3 infractions 15pts in one post.
        Two weren't even arguably true, one was.
        She even took 1 of the 3 back, and couldn't cite a rule for a 2nd 'vio': "Calling out a poster"
        NO such rule.
        I quoted Xfactor from a different string in a new OP so as not to derail a thread.
        She said that wasn't allowed. I pointed out its done ALL the time for that reason, etc
        So she could NOT show #2 either.
        Dec 31, 2014
      3. Dogmaphobe
        That little taste of power is too much for some. It acts like a drug when they wield it.
        Dec 31, 2014
    5. abu afak
      abu afak
      Welcome my old friend.
      I have posted here sporadically for a Long time. (2006)
      1. Dogmaphobe
        Hey -- good to see you! How are things at that place that shall remain nameless.
        Dec 29, 2014
        abu afak thanked this.
    6. lizzie
      Hah- a most excellent post- I'm lmao!
      "Don't leave your seats yet, folks. With that sacrifice fly driving home the runner from third now making the score Islam 2,956,347 to Christianity 1 with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, it's anybody's game. "
      1. abu afak and Dogmaphobe thanked this.
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