Unchanging Efforts of the Left

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    1. By using the key, that Leftist politics is a thinly disguised version of an ‘ersatz’ religion, one can easily find an intense nastiness, so ubiquitous that it is regularly referred to as “odium theologicum.” Odium theologicum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    a. Leftism is a religion. One may see a hint of that when Hillary popularized ‘the politics of meaning…’ “Mrs. Clinton recently criticized the way American society rewards selfishness and stigmatizes idealism, publicly embracing my call for a politics of meaning…” Cynicism vs. the Politics of Meaning : Hillary Clinton doesn't deserve the media's sneers for saying what most Americans feel. - Los Angeles Times

    b. From Marx on, the Left has fought against actual religion because they understood how difficult it is to get religious people to engage in revolution for the purpose of bettering their material lives. Such folks often relegate the material world to lower priority than the spiritual, moral and intellectual world.
    Dennis Prager, “Still The Best Hope,” chapter one.

    2. So, it is hardly much of a leap from the Virgin Mary, to ‘Mother Russia.’ The dogma of the Communists was that the USSR was unique, exceptional, and priceless. Therefore, the first law of the revolutionary must be to defend at all costs the home of the Revolution. And, of course, that slips seamlessly to defending, again at all costs, the Revolutionaries.

    a. In America, examples abound. What Democrat in good standing would ever criticize their ‘revolutionary’ merely because he is a rapist and abuser of women? Or recognize as any sort of negative aberration leaving a young girl to drown while he protects his political career? Why, none.

    b. In the 1930’s through the 1950’s, our Leftist Americans expended inordinate energy and efforts both in excusing Communists and Communism, and attacking heroes such as Senator McCarthy.

    3. Just as the Holy Mother of Christianity must be venerated and protected, the Soviet Union, soon to give birth to utopian socialism, the same. Certainly she must be forgiven any temporary peevishness, such as the suppression of civil liberties, executions of suspected enemies of the state, or extending Soviet hegemony everywhere.

    4. ’ The term ‘intellectual’ is used to mean politically minded academics, artists, writer, and important sections of the Protestant clergy and governmental civil service. These progressive thinkers welcomed the Russian Revolution and the first “socialist” country on earth. Indeed, Marxism, the ostensible political and economic ‘science’ that guided the new order, enjoyed enormous prestige in intellectual circles….and still does.

    a. If these ‘intellectuals’ could accept, excuse, endorse the maniacal excesses of Soviet Communists of an earlier generation, why would one expect this generation of Democrat/Leftists/Progressives to be any more accessible to understanding or truth?

    5. Criticism of the Soviet Union were, they concluded, the moral equivalence of an act of war. The contemporary version is that any criticism of Obama is the moral equivalent of….you guessed it….racism!

    Just as the defeat of the Evil Empire was largely based on brave souls meeting propaganda head-on, confronting the myths based on cryptoreligious belief, the current Leftist idol has been shown to have feet of clay.
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