The Gay lobby and the ‘Homosexual trend’. Another new Ideology ? ??

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    I would like to continue on the theme of homosexuality, as many seemed interested in my initial postings (in forums).
    (Link removed by mod.
    Homosexuality is an inexhaustible subject. It has been discussed millions of times over the centuries, in articles, books, and comments of all types, by people much more learned than I (which is not too difficult). I will try to be brief, but I no doubt will be just as long as the first time.

    Although this is not what I want to talk about, you must remember in my opinion that one (not the first), of the reasons for the rise in homosexuality in our highly civilized countries, that the so-called specialists never mention, is what I would call the increasingly strong, selective demands made by both sexes. Simply look at the number of people living alone in the various upper classes. In order to want a romantic relationship first, and a sexual one after, and to have children together, both sexes set very high standards for their partners. This is one reason for the decrease in the birth rate. Women expect a 'Prince Charming' who must meet all kinds of criteria concerning his standard of living, along with cultural and ethical criteria. Men want the same thing, and have the same level of demands for their future wives.
    This explains the low birth rate in the educated, rich upper classes, who have an enormous cultural or financial added value that, unfortunately is LOST and is often not transmitted. On the other hand, the lower social classes, which also include delinquents and criminals, are must less demanding in their romantic male-female encounters, and have children and a much higher fertility rate.
    Thus is seems there is an apparently unknown human law that limits the reproduction of the elite and the birth rate of the strongest classes, while more modest (or even delinquent in some cases) social categories expand much more quickly and easily.
    In the large European cities of the 19th century, where people could not go out at night because of the threat of dangerous populations that had greatly increased, this was not due to immigration. Fortunately, the industrial revolution provided work and jobs and later integrated those people into the wage-earning population and society through work.
    Obviously, I do not mean to say that the upper classes are made up exclusively of 'saints'... nor that people from humble backgrounds are dishonest or bad. (close brackets)

    I read the criticism raised by my initial posting. I had merely overestimated the figures slightly, no doubt due to the propaganda by the homosexual lobby. Nor did I not want to expand upon the links between homosexuality and pedophilia. Pedophilia, another subject altogether, concerns crimes against children, often committed in faraway countries so the perpetrators will not be seen. National and international homosexual organizations never denounce those crimes, or sometimes only half-heartedly. Other sites ( provide comments on the link between the two, with revealing statistics.

    We know that western societies have NEVER liked nor fostered homosexuality, unless (as I previously stated and explained), we go back several thousand years. Homosexuals have always been treated as contemptible decadents, a danger to society, who blaspheme God (for some) or human morals (for others), enticing people down a path towards base acts where it is best not to go astray and LOSE one's time (or one's life).
    This raises questions: Why do some people now want to change the order of things by encouraging changes in morals ? And why do they feel that they will soon succeed in their quest ?
    The answers (which I believe that hypocrites do not want to give) is obvious: the number of homosexuals, or of people who tolerate homosexuality, has increased, and increased greatly in some countries. That is what I wrote previously.
    A link to religion is always made, and I personally am a believer, but I must point out that this increase has been taken place in western Christian countries, the civilization I belong to. And mainly in America. This is not linked to the Christian faith, because nearly all churches have always condemned homosexuality. America is practically the only place in the free world where many politicians spout propaganda about 'declared' Christian values, and are elected for doing so.

    One is tempted to say that these Christian politicians have not been very successfully in stopping or slowing this progression when they want to, and less than elsewhere. But I believe that it is not only their fault, because everyone knows that they do not hold the reins of power (as we will see below), and Medias. Those with the real power are not politicians, but those with the most financial resources. As a matter of fact, how many of our countries' leaders are practicing Christians ? (link removed by mod).
    To go a bit further : does the Judeo-Christian world automatically lead to debauchery ?

    Does democracy automatically increase homosexuality ? And above all, I said, why is this happening NOW, at this point in history ?
    Why is this subject given so much importance ? Now we talk about it A LOT.
    After all, homosexuality is a sexual practice as old as the hills for some, but PREVIOUSLY it was not considered so important. Only it is during our day and age that people 'make a big deal about it' and talk about it everywhere.
    So I repeat, WHY ?

    Is it now MORE than just a sexual practice? and if it was yet….. another Ideology. ? I say that because I am sure that some people wonder, with a straight face (or with a barely concealed smile): should I do without it ? Perhaps I should follow their example one day in order not to be a has-been !! . . . .
    Indeed, it seems we are faced with another Ideology I think, not as easily discernible or identifiable as the other two major and devastating ideologies, Communism and Nazism, and the last small newcomer, ‘Islamism’. (link removed by mod )

    There are troubling similarities in the Pro-Gay propaganda and a new Ideology.

    In other words, you are 'out of touch' or politically incorrect, you missed the boat, and you are a fearful reactionary or conservative in the best case, because you are against the growth of homosexuality.
    Being accused of Homophobia is a shameful terror. At today's formal dinner parties, the question asked with great disapproval is no longer "Are you anti-Communist", but "Are you Homophobic"? In other words, 'shame on you'.

    Times have certainly changed over the past 25 years.

    For the first time in the history of mankind, and to such an extent, we had to wait until the 20th century, the Century of Ideologies, to witness their DESTRUCTIVE POWERS. The last great Ideology that cost mankind dearly (communism) was born at the end of the 19th century, and its forces were released in the 20th century, lasting nearly 100 years (Nazism had a shorter reign).

    Thus we have the time to watch how this latest ideology evolves, once again presented as a 'new type of morality'. We must RECOGNIZE it as SUCH, to teach people to stop if by properly identifying it.

    As a believer, I consider it a creation of the devil. But this latest ideology is more difficult to identify and discern as such. This IDEOLOGY is one more insidious, destructive, and above all more SUBTLE than its predecessors. It tries to be accepted discretely, without drawing attention. The Devil is again behind this NEW IDEOLOGY, and he hopes to do even more damage to the human race than via the previous ones. As a matter of fact, in order to save time, we can already expect and wonder about the next ideologies he will invent (why not), and which will certainly arrive...
    I will let you think this over and say what you think, as I certainly do not know what the future will bring.

    Kind regards.

    Happy New Year 2006

    Copy :
    Campaign for Children and Families, Mr Randy Thomasson, P.O. Box 511, Sacramento, CA 95812, Usa

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    I thank the new team for regulators. Because I see that I am again allowed on this message board, with my old username (BELALADY). Forum which, when I was excluded some years ago, affirmed and without laughing at the same time, to be open has all and without any censure.!
    I think that President G.Bush being not represented again, is may be the reason, of this improvement of freedom of thought, in this forum which supported him. I did mistakes about his goals.....Freedom here was a lie for me
    I had been very surprised, to be thrown outside. And (officialy..) because my written English, was not very good….!
    Even if my English writted is not allways pretty good, about the topic of terrorism, I tried to support freedom and America. But may be, in other fields, those who want to go to the war for example, and to give their blood for their country (America), are thrown out, when they make faults of orthography ? America has too much arms to defend her, yet may be.
    However, thank you very much. I am happy to be here again, even if now I don't think to write so many posts than before. And thank you too, to some supporters here, who it seems, enjoyed reading me. Gratefully thank you (rtwngAvngr,...), May be it was not so hard after all to understand me, and this make me glad too.
    Best regards everybody.

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