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Discussion in 'Religion and Ethics' started by dmp, Jan 8, 2006.

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    This forum is for discussion of Religion or Ethics. USMB is aware not everyone follows a particular religion OR has 'ethical standards' in their life. That's fine and good. This forum is NOT a place for those of you to start thread-after-thread with the SAME purpose - to bash or flame a particular religion/faith. If you're reading this forum, and want to start, say, and anti-islamic thread, go ahead and do so. BUT - before your itching fingers click on the 'start new thread' button, SEARCH and find out if may just such a thread already exists. I know for sure there's a 'I hate Christianity' thread, so we shouldn't see repetative threads relating to somebody's non-belief of that particular faith. Got it?

    Post-up...Enjoy yourselves...Show at least a modicum of respect for your fellow member.

    - Darin
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