The first Transhumanists?

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    Many people don’t realize who the first rationalists and humanists were.
    In the time of superstitious idol worshiping and many
    pagan deities being fabricated there stood one group of people who fought against this false devotion and
    supressive mind control. Raising above the status quo they were serving man through exposing
    THE UNPOPULAR TRUTH to try and bring humanity out of these fantasy myths and into an age of appreciating
    and progressing life and human potential.
    Think of all the revolutionary ideas which the Torah
    introduced at that time:
    The concept of a one God which they said had no form, no physical image, and was not a man, but was best described as an essence to be complete and whole.
    A concept of what we know to be the most finite
    description of the Creator of Creation with the ability to see the complex workings and balance of life that
    progresses through processions thus that essence
    (G0d) exists but must be described in order for man to see his place within that creation. Therefore the
    argument should never be over does G0d exist, but
    discussions should be over describing what the
    Creation's Creating Force (G0d) is in most finite terms.
    Through the Torah the ancient Hebrews were expressing this essence 'to be' and 'what causes to be' so eloquently, but lost people when they made
    anthropromorphic references to G0d that were figurative not literal then other cultures formed physical or deified
    entities that tainted how people perceive the word G0d,
    which simply refers to Creator and does not describe
    what that force or source is. Each culture has their own way of describing or perceiving that source they call G0d, so remember not to assume one person is
    discussing the same thing as another merely because
    they share the same expressed term like G0d /Angel /
    Heaven /Hell and that one should find out that persons perception or expression before being lofty and assuming wrong.
    The Ancient Hebrews prohibitions
    against portraying the creator in idolic or physical form and assuming these mysteries with portraits didn’t make sense until you realize that if they had been listened to, there wouldn’t be
    confusion over people
    fighting over these self-proclaimed cultural images. They foresaw man overcoming nature and extending life. They forsaw man progressing to other layers of this
    procession into the next stage of evolving into perfection and all we could be.
    They left us the concept of councils and round tables to bring stability and success while laying the foundation of the common decency laws which help keep us from total chaos and brought justice to our lives.
    The commanded law set prohibitions
    against murder, theft, rape, incest, or the sacrifice of
    one's children to a pagan god. They set standards in
    the obligation to honor and provide for one's parents.
    The duty to share one's wealth with the needy or to
    bestow ones talents and service for the group as a
    whole. Today, we find it incredible that such things
    needed to be commanded to us, but back then, they
    were no less fantastic than those elements of Torah
    which you find so hard to accept. Over the millennia,
    they inspired other monotheistic and near- monotheistic religions and great social movements. They deeply influenced many other doctrines, legal systems, ideologies and cultures. In a word, they brought the world that much closer to the Torah's ethos and ideals without them noticing or giving credit where credit was due.
    It was a struggle to bring and keep these ideas
    alive in a world struggling to keep sane and just. As in
    the “Mikeitz” portion of the Torah conveys, truly it was
    the role & great task to keep these unpopular truths till it’s time to be proven, and by that they became the
    suffering servant for keeping the truth till all was safe
    and just in this world and all was perfected to where we could and ought to be.
    To ignore these things, because
    the fallen ones brought everyone down or tainted the
    visions, is to ignore the path that still best takes us to
    where we should be and has always known these
    things. While taking to humanist views the world CAN
    NOT AFFORD TO EXCUSE the concepts of religion or
    God as the Hebrews tried to show us otherwise they
    would be in for a real disappointment. First off most
    peoples non belief or lack of faith is because they don’t
    understand the concepts of God through the Hebrew
    teachings, thus they let the poor and failed teachers
    turn them off from the reality teachings that exist to
    guide us while helping to further us within a structured
    path to assure justice and success. Logic says; Who
    best knows the path except one who’s already at the
    end of that path waiting for you?
    Conclusion; Don’t think that you’re to smart, to clever,
    to advanced to need the structured presence of God.
    Don’t let the worshipers of death fool you into not
    accepting the concept of the Hebrew God, just because
    they taint the term God in their Santa Claus fantasy
    myths. Without God which is in itself a vision, a goal, a
    design, a law, a set premise and presence of structure
    then you have failure. It’s been proven in societies that
    have no beliefs. Now one might say futurist humanism
    is that vision, but it lacks showing restraints and laws
    of structure and also has nothing to answer to. It also
    doesn’t leave a structure or design that works to keep
    the balance or mediate the pace of progression so that
    it’s not off balance. In other words you can’t have high
    tech advances without advances in behavior sciences
    otherwise the power of the future without mental
    stability can mean more harm then ever in controlling
    with these advances or by destroying with them. Thus
    life needs a designer and a mediator. Without the
    mediator, designer, and presence of these visions of
    design that keep the justice and balance, then you have
    a world out of control and even more dangerous. To say
    you can do this without what brought you here is as
    absurd as walking halfway up a mountain with a rope
    then riding that rope line when your 3/4 the way up
    thinking you're too good for the rope. Thinking you don’t
    need the rope anymore you WILL fall, then you will not
    be able to to get back and change that mistake in
    judgment. *food for thought*
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    Never coming back until I touch the midnight sun
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    Yeah the biggest mistake anti religion-anti God-or atheists make is in not first defining the word they are arguing over.
    Every culture, faith, sect, and individual within them has their own precept or defined meaning of the shared word/term and one has to find out what that definition is before discussing and arguing with each individual that they know not their understanding or usage of words.
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