The 2nd Amendment vs. Property Rights [CharlieBrown'sD????]

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    The 2nd Amendment vs. Property Rights [CharlieBrown'sD????]​

    Stephen Bainbridge is a well-respected law professor and blogger who is a strong advocate of property rights. He writes here about the conflict between our right to bear arms and other's rights to control over their property. In Korb v. Voith Industrial Servs., Inc., 12CV0222 (W.D. Ky Nov. 28, 2012), a corporation terminated an employee for violating the company policy prohibiting weapons on company property.

    I think he is perfectly correct, and the court made the right decision. And lest you think I am not a 2nd Amendment absolutist, ponder this: the virtual ban on full-auto is a ridiculous infringement on our rights. The founders didn't add the 2nd Amendment to protect our right to hunt or target shoot....they had bigger game in mind.

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