Societe Generale & Fimat Role in The Global Terrorism & Money Laundry Via Freemasonry

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    Societe Generale & Fimat Role in The Global Terrorism & Money Laundry Via Freemasonry

    Political Analysis By Roberto Jbili
    Milano, Italy, 29-05-2010
    Tel: 3450924300

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    Societe Generale Bank which is an French leading bank and via his devision Fimat play an important role in the global terrorism financing and money laundry via and for freemasonry activities.
    His partners in Europe Includes:

    1-CommerzBank in Germany
    2-Intesa San Paolo Bank In Italy
    3-Barclayes Bank in England,

    and Here We confirm That Societe Generale & Fimat use the Russian Mafia and Russian KGB to make terrorist attacks to have the motiviation to rise oil and commodities prices in media tv via their main partner Mike Bloomberg.

    /Fimat last week made an attacks just to confirm the motiviation for their analysis that oil will not go below 60-70 USD/

    This point alos explain why Barclayes bank is implicated in the Global terrorism with Russia and make money laundry for Russian and Syrians which may includes Mustafa Tlass and Russian mafia & oligars.

    Example of Societe Generale remain their negative role where they exist and via their partners why they dont exist, they played an important role in Rafik Harriri in Lebanon via Mustafa Tlass & Hezbullah and via Societe Generale bank in Lebanon. to note that Mustafa Tlass is the man behined 11 September attacks and many events with the Mousad via the Vatican. or via Italy better said. (Italy & Israel used Syria to make the attacks but the project was made via Israel & Mousad and made on land via Italy and Vatican, Here I note that Italy made the Vatican independent country to use it.)

    In Marocco Societe Generale play an important role to finance the terrorist basis which belong to the French Governament, and the existense of any French-Marocco citizen inside the Gov of France is to help finance and pass terrorist projects.

    Societe Generale remain to use the politics also in finance and an example is the bank role in Romania which made France again fear all the Jews investors from Real estate area via many methods which includes Italy and making problems to the national security of Romania from point of interior view.

    Fimat devision, Use mike Bloomberg and his negative role on Nymex platform to control oil price and pull nations and investors cash via so far called speculation in commodities which does not exist.

    World Trade Center is like last week Golf of Mexico Oil Attacks to have motiviation to rise oil price 10% and the KGB make this attacks for patriot view and to rise the income of Russian Gov for spending via Rising oil price.

    The ultimate mission for Fimat and Societe Generale with Italy and Vatican remain to make USA bankrupt country.

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