Mara carfania inside latest italy global terrorism projects

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    Political Analysis By Roberto Jbili
    Milano, Italy, 28-05-2010
    Tel: 3450924300

    Global Politics Updates

    The latest USA sanctions on Syria & latest visit of US Senator John Kerry to Syria confirm based on my personal analysis that Mike Bloomberg and Freemasonry and at same time the Lobby of Jews which made the sanctions prepare an terrorist attack at large on USA and lats week oil attack was an sample which was made by France via Russia to give Fimat Which told us that oil will not go below 60-70 USD an value and build negative interests for Russia on oil markets via Bloomberg. and this confirm the vire that France President with his son are just 2 mini terrorists which use Fimat to play with Oil price for so far called Political motivations.

    The terrorist attacks which will be made, It is made via Italy and Israel to let people think that Syria will make this attacks doing to sanctions issue. this will be an similar case to:

    1-AirStrike on Syria in 2007 which was made via Italy and Israel on Syria on nuclear site to let Syria think that USA and Russia made it and to have terror attacks inside USA like it was made at that time by Mike Bloomberg and Italy to let the Globe think that Syria made it.

    2-World Trade Center 2001 which was made in same method by Italy & UK retaire agents which left UK. Italy used Israel at that time to build the project.

    The Jew lobby which include many banks in USA like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and lead by Bloomberg & Soros will transfer the USA into an failed joint venture between France & USA similar to those of Alcatle-Lucent and AirFrance-Delta. This joint venture will use USA via France to pass Nuclear site for Iran and will use Jew lobby to make financial crisis in USA, Then at the end will use the lobby and usa to destory Iran in deeper Global finanial markets interests.

    All the sanctions which was made via Italy on Syria using the Freemasonry and Jew Lobby in USA againest Syria and to use also Israel againest Syria just to make Syria build terrorist projects againest USA and let her think that USA are doing all this problems but they do nothing to Syria.

    I expect that any terrorist attack which may include an assassination to rise Gold prices, and this assassination to be where Syria has problems and that in Dubai or Europe or Even USA and may be an airplane attack, and this confirm that UK today is with Syrian side just to protect Israel and to understand Syria, But again who move UK on Syria is Italy and The Italian senate with berlusconi and for religion issue and political venture between Syrian President and USA one similar to those of Mr. Hafez Al-Assad with USA and Kwait.

    Kuwait remain with USA againest UK and her stake in BP which was sold confirm this view, As we remain on Oil, We confirm that Bloomberg or the Russian president in USA with his relations with the Freemsonry in France are using the terrorism via the Freemasonry for Capital markets interests and using Russia to rise oil prices.


    She remain the line between The Mousad or Israel and Italy and her main mission is to control all the Golf countries via Womens and arab womens and this will be via Dubai Gates.

    With the latest developments in the Freemasonry againest USA between Dubai & Italy and just to control Syria Via Dubai or control Syrian investments in the Global markets via Dubai Hedge Funds or Funds in name of Rami Makhlouf which remain to be an target of Italy which try to control his funds via France which consider Syria an French city and that all Syrian funds belong to France and what Italy want is to transfer Syria into an religios terrorist camp lead by Bin Laden and other symbols and to make Syria front off USA an terrorist country which fight for the Vatican in the name of the God but not for Islam at this point, for Chrstianty and both of them in God name but for Syria front off the Global Sociaty for International political and economic relations since Italy make all the best to transfer Syria into an terrorist country againest USA but Syria is not!

    This confirm that today there is no terrorism relation between Saudi Arabia & Syria and that all the terrorism in Islam name are made via Saudi Arabia since Syria has public direct relation with Saudi and cant show the Globe that they dont have ties (Syria & Saudi) and since they have ties thet cant make attacks togther to show on both of them terror relation.

    As we confirm to make analysis on Mara Carfania which was an PlayBoy symbol it confirm our view that Italy is an world leader in socail terrorism and that they use womens and open illegal social activities in Dubai to control the arab sociaty not only on land but also via direct media which is managed via Berlusconi and Israel (Adult stations).

    Mara is the leader of this projects inside the Freemasonry.

    Italian Stock Markets

    I remain to consider that all terrorist banks will fail on longer term and Intesa San Paolo will be one of them which will be replaced in Italy in term of commerical activities by UBI Bank, UBI bank which is today similar in value of Duetsch Bank in Germany and Intesa is similar to CommerzBank, Intesa with CommerzBank remain the 2 leaders in Europe which manage Commercial funds in terrorism.

    We remain to consider that all the time when terrorism is leading Germany by Merkel which will be the next Moratti which preffer to leave USA economic ties and to make an Joint terrorist venture with Italy and use the terrorism of Italy and Vatican via Bendikt which is just in intellgence system agent againest USA.

    and all of this under UK view which welcome such us projects to destory USA since UK built it, this make the Intesa bankruptcy very hard since they and their mistakes are sustained even by Nato againest USA and if one fail the 2 also will fail like Commerzbank.

    all this lead me to confirm that EU project on longer term will an new Soviet Union since thay adopted the terrorism and that France and Russia are in USA to destroy her.

    UBI bank remain an bank full of funds which is very far from spcific support and all this commerical funds are without ability to be invested doing to many reasons which includes little professional experience in the investments area and the nature of the clinets which has money inside the banks and also USA role to suprvise the bank investments since Italy is an terrorist country, All UBI large clinets may not agree on specific investments. in 2 words the bank like those of Germant Duetsche Bank is an social commerical bank and all of us know that Russian financial experts was builders of Duetsche Bank.

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