Predictions for Job Seekers

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    My 2005 Predictions for Job Seekers
    By Marty Nemko

    Here are my guesses on what’s likely to occur in 2005:

    Ever more jobs will be offshored.
    In previous years, companies worried that offshoring jobs could cause more problems than they are worth, for example, that Indian workers insufficiently understanding American culture. Probably to the dismay of most readers of this column, companies have learned how to address such problems, so offshoring’s large cost savings will, alas, be ever more irresistible.
    How to capitalize: Jobs should be available at companies that facilitate offshoring such as Infosys, Tata Consultancy Services, and Wipro Technologies. One approach to protecting your job from being offshored or turned into an unbenefited temp job is to consider self-employment. Retired executives, through the federal government’s SCORE program, will coach you in starting your own business, free! Go to

    Online shopping will continue to explode.
    While retail sales at bricks-and-mortar stores were flat in 2004, online retail sales were up 25 percent. It took a few years for consumers to break the habit of mall shopping, but the convenience of online shopping combined with ever more unhappy bricks-and-mortar memories of gridlock, parking nightmares, and frustration in finding the right style in the right color and the right size, should make 2005 an even better year for online retailers.
    How to capitalize: Look for jobs at the top-of-mind online retailers: EBay, Yahoo, Amazon, and the fast-growing intermediary, Google.

    China’s boom will accelerate.
    The Chinese economy has grown dramatically this year. All signs are that this formerly sleeping giant will continue its awakening.
    How to capitalize: Look for work and investments in American companies doing extensive business with China. Locally, such companies include Hewlett Packard, ChevronTexaco, Intel, Solectron, Cisco, and Sanmina-SCI.

    Webconferencing will grow.
    Gone are the days when a videoconference required a special room and equipment. Today, a videoconference participant can simply sit at their desk and see all the participants and any visuals. I predict that increasing numbers of sales presentations, trainings, and other meetings will be done via webconference rather than by flying people to in-person meetings.
    How to capitalize: An impressive number of job openings are already available at leading webconferencing providers such as San Jose’s WebEx.

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