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Discussion in 'Politics' started by proletarian, Jan 26, 2010.

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    This is just the usual kabuki theatre from the Obama Administration. Those discretionary budget cuts were ALREADY built into Obama's 2009 budget. He boosted spending initially, then the plan was to decrease it again for political advantage rolling up to the 2012. It still doesn't come down to G.W.'s last budget, and it only saves 250 billion over TEN YEARS. It's a drop in the bucket. Piddling. What is 25 billion a year in comparison to what he's already spent?

    I'm disgusted. It's just another cheap, sleight-of-hand trick to fool Independents into believing he's actually seen the light and is ready to stop the reckless spending. And his commentary yesterday about how he'd rather be a great one-term president gives voice to the lie. He's NOT planning to turn his back on extreme leftwing ideology and start governing from the center. If he was, there would be teeth in this proposed "spending freeze".

    He'll get the McCain debate clip rubbed in his face for a week... but it's a small price to pay if he can cozen the center into believing he's not the far-left ideologue he actually is. :eusa_sick:
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