No one above the LAW expect OUR City Police

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    No one above the LAW expect OUR City Police
    I want to share my opinion and drawn attention of IG Sind Police that often observer that City Police are suppose above the law or no law applies to them. Even a simple police constable no matter he can also use his powers.

    I point out the following which I saw and wanted to drawn the higher Police Official & head of police Dept to take notice and questioned those who are in habit for using which should stop immediate effect.

    Some laws which City Police Officials never flows which are as followings

    1. Riding bike no registration plate but written POLICE or Sind Police
    2. Riding bike with no registration plate
    3. Riding bike in triple normal days & even in Ban on DOUBLE SAWARI no restriction for City Police
    4. Never Traffic Police asked to show the bike documents or even get challan
    5. Often do not obey traffic rules and violate without fears

    If our city Police become honest & sincere than no crimes exits but due to corrupt, dis-honest ( Black sheep Polices ) all crimes are performing and not a single target killers yet arrest or hanged. Which is shameful to entire POLICE DEPT.?

    If riding bike without registration plate might be used in crimes than no one catch or knew the criminal used which registration no bike.

    Thanking You

    Yours faithfully

    Ashfaq Sharif

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