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    China, Pakistan boost anti-terror cooperation - Yahoo! News

    Actually, China has been lingering around Pakistan for a long time. I mean they are boarder countries & mutual security is a natural occurance between the two countries. It does strike me though that India, the largest purchaser of conventional weapons in the world...

    Chinese in Pakistan to help FWO

    ...has taken such an affront to Chinese troops in Pakistan. There's quite the mix of troops in this area, Paki, Afghani, Chinese & Indian troops all in a nice 'cozy' TIGHT geographical area.
    The only out of place/oddball troops that don't seem to belong in that region are the American troops... a loooooooong ways from home. It brings back memories of General MacArthur when the Chinese 'greeted' him in north Korea. I'm not saying this is the case in today's situation, but it sure seems odd that when U.S. troops are close to the Chinese mainland that Chinese troops seem to just suddenly appear from out of nowhere.
    I'm sure that being there is no military tension in the Pakistan area that this little handful of Chinese engineers is peaceful & benign...

    War games spotlight China-Pakistan hype

    The problem as I see it is that a tip of an iceberg gives no clue to the size of the iceberg under the tip of the iceberg. I just hope that someone does not drop a ballpoint pen on the ground over there as it could be taken as a sign of hostility by another nations government.
    Anyone care to opine???

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