When NA adopts law curbing “power theft”?

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    When NA adopts law curbing “power theft”
    I read news regarding NA adopts a law which is curbing OIL & GAS theft in country with maximum punishment award of 14 years imprisonment and Rs. 10 Million fine to a person who involved in this crime.

    Big question what is the surety or assurance that such law enforce and catch those who are real culprits no matter belong to any party.

    I request to NA speakers to also adopt a law those who are still stealing power theft by khuda connection ( ill-legal connection) but more surprise and shock even KESC management knows very well about this facts which is not hidden from anyone but still no any action or fine imposed which give more courage and freedom for those who can’t afford or do not want to pay their complete power bill now trend for using KHUNDA CONNECTION.

    If any consumers using KHUNDA connection which a common man observe the ill-legal connection for what reasons KESC management silence for following reasons

    1. Benefits of black sheep staff that reasons still quite
    2. Have no courage to take any action against the consumers

    I further add the same punishment should be approved from the parliament house from elected members if anyone not in Karachi but entire Pakistan found using ill-legal connection than face fine of Rs.10 Million and imprisonment of 7 years maximum.

    But In Pakistan all law exits but question is no person following law or if any caught red handed he released by paying bribe. When our country will be free the evil of corruption and bribe.

    I must say that Khunda users are real asset or main causes of heavy losses for KESC the problem is who will first realized and then admit.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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