Kerry Was For Global Court (before he was agianst it)

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    John Kerry was for the International Criminal Court before he was against it, and he will likely be for it again after Nov. 2.

    But try and tracking down where he stands today and you will run into his fixed political modus operandi before you find his fixed policy position. That M.O. consists of issueing carefully qualified statements designed to obscure, while not necessarily contradicting, his basic underlying stance--in this case, support got a global tribunal that would trump our Constitution.

    In their first two debates, President Bush attacked kerry for supporting the ICC. Yet, Kerry never said a word in rebuttal. This was particularly odd because between the two debates, The Boston Globe ran an article entitled "Kerry Opposes Role in Tribunal/U.S. Concerns Not Yet Met, He Says." It quoted Kerry spokeman Mark Kitchens: "George W. Bush once again chose to mislead the American people about John Kerry's position [on the ICC]."

    So what precisely is Kerry's position? the Globe conceded it had a hard time prying it out of him. "Kerry's statement on the court, e-mailed to a Globe reporter Saturday night," the paper said, "came after repeated inquiries over the past six weeks and two days after another request the morning of the [first] debate."

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