Just in Time for Summer!... "Global Warming's" Next on the Messianic Agenda!

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    Just in Time for Summer!... "Global Warming's" Next on the Messianic Agenda!

    Get ready for the, "Doesn't it seem like it's getting Warmer recently?"… "Yeah, I've noticed that also... Maybe algore was right about Global Warming after all!", between now and the predictably HOT Days of July and August

    I believe algore has come out of his Winter Hibernation Period, once again waking just in time for it to be Hot so that he doesn't look an Ass when he can't fly into a "Closed due to Record Snow" Reagan International on his way to a Conference on "Global Warming".

    Not that he would be Ascared to do that, because as we all Know, Global Warming not only Causes "Warming"... It also Causes "Cooling"... And it’s ****ing NOTORIOUS for Causing "Average Temperatures also!

    Convenient, that Line is from the Climate Change Hysterians formerly known as the Global Warming Monkeys!

    Hell, the Volcanoes that are Melting Glacier Ice in Iceland are ALSO a Product of Big Fat Bald White Oil’s “Global Warming”, didn't you know?.

    Anyway, prepare for the Annual, "Damn, it seems like it's getting Hot, doesn't it?", slurry of news and Anecdote in the coming Months from the Left and their Obedient Lapdogs in the “Free Press”.

    And with it, the same, "I don't give a **** what the People want, they are going to get what I tell them they are going to get, and ****ing like it, right Michelle?" response to it from the Obama Administration as they attempt to ram Global Warming Legislation down the American People's throats as they just did with Health Care Reform.

    So while they Bankrupt the Nation with Socialistic Medicine, they can also Cripple Industry with Global Warming Regulations…

    Industry that produces the Jobs that creates the Tax Dollars the Fed NEEDS to Survive and to Pay for all this Insurance it's Promised.

    Seems like a Perfect Plan.

    Boomers who Support the Path that the Messiah has set us on…

    You’ll be First to go to Carousel.

    Congratulations… Get ready to Hear this about 10 Years TOO Early by Today’s Medical Standards…

    “There’s nothing else we can Afford, err, that can be Medically done… I’m Afraid the only other option is Hospice… We can make you Comfortable though.”

    I wonder how this will Affect the 1 in 3 Homosexuals with HIV in Urban Areas that was recently Reported on by the CDC?…

    Be Careful what you Wish for, Kids… You just may get it.

    I hear HIV Meds are fairly Expensive also.

    Welcome to Socialism in Practice.

    The “Professor” has now moved from Teaching it, all of the way to the White House to Implement it.

    Thanks again to those who made this Possible in 2006 and 2008!

    The Blood is on YOUR hands.

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