Illegal Immigrant Criminals

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    This where I'll post all this horrific crap...
    Suspected Illegal Immigrant Jailed for Horrific Hit-and-Run
    Previously deported perpetrator grinds woman into the pavement.
    April 8, 2016
    David Paulin

    From her hospital bed in Austin, Texas, a young woman named Elizabeth English is putting on a brave face -- the victim of a hit-and-run driver from Mexico who was presumably in the country illegally. English, shown in a photo on her bed giving a plucky thumbs-up, was riding her bicycle home at 10 p.m. when a Dodge Ram pickup ran over her on March 29. Pinned beneath the pickup, English was dragged nearly half a mile. Her ear-splitting screams alerted nearby residents who came running to help her. Yet the pickup's alleged driver, 41-year-old Artemio Avila, sped away and left English, horribly disfigured, lying in the street.

    “She didn't look human. She looked like an animal initially," one witness said. The pavement had ground away the skin on her back and most of her right buttocks. Part of her right pelvis was ground off, and her lower spine was exposed.

    Now, the student of psychiatry at the University of Texas, Austin, is undergoing multiple surgeries and skin grafts. She is at high risk for infection, and medical staff have expressed concern she won't survive. Friends want to raise $100,000 to defray her medical expenses, and they quickly raised more than $41,000 through a "GoFundMe" account.

    Avila, meanwhile, is being held in the Travis County Jail on $100,000 bond, charged with a third degree felony for failing to stop and render aid to a person he had seriously injured. Federal immigration authorities quickly placed a “hold” on him. He had previously been deported to Mexico in 2008, said a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Interestingly, Avila's immigration status was a fact that only local NBC-affiliate KXAN bothered to report in politically correct Austin -- a college town, high-tech Mecca, and bastion of progressive politics. There is no word on what Avila was doing in Austin, the state's capital. But if he is like many of his kind in Austin, a sanctuary city, he probably felt comfortable in the metropolitan area's growing subculture of poor and uneducated Latinos, who are changing the states' demographics and culture. In Texas, “white Anglos” are now a slight minority (49%) of the population.

    The hit-and-run that nearly killed English came as federal border patrol agents publicly criticized President Obama's “catch and release” policies toward illegal immigrants – blaming them for encouraging the ongoing illegal immigration crisis from south of the border.

    Hit-and-runs, to be sure, are all too common in Austin, just as in much of America's southwest where high numbers of illegal immigrants live. This trend was examined in 2006 by the Arizona Daily Star, a daily newspaper serving Tucson and southern Arizona. The paper concluded that, “The states with the highest percentages of hit-and-runs among fatal crashes from 1994 to 2004 are also the states with the most illegal immigrants.”


    Suspected Illegal Immigrant Jailed for Horrific Hit-and-Run
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    Drunk Driving Stories and News: Tessa Tranchant and Alison Kunhardt - Killed by a Repeat Drunk Driver

    Driver charged with manslaughter after crash kills two Beach teens

    Ray Tranchant has testified before Congress on this issue of deported illegal immigrants returning to commit more crimes, after one such deportee killed his daughter and her best friend in a drunk driving crash:

    "Just thought I would share this latest article with you and invite you to watch the Testimony in front of the House Judicial Committee this Wednesday at 3:00pm, on” Immigration and the rule of Law.” I’m not sure if it is simulcast, but it will definitely be on C-SPAN at some point, if not live. I don’t get many chances to speak to Congress!

    I wrote this article this past week, you may be interested in it:

    Looking for fairness in immigration

    The editor wrote this OPED the next day:

    Homegrown battle against immigrants

    All will hopefully encourage the current Administration to take action.



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