If You Think CEOs Are Overpaid...

Discussion in 'Education' started by Hobbit, May 14, 2006.

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    at least remember that they produce results.

    I just read an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (print, so no link, but I'm sure the other Georgians can back me up on this) detailing the pay of Metro Atlanta superintendants. Their published base pay was already ridiculous, over $241k for the Atlanta super, who runs pretty much the worst (yet best funded in the state) school district in the entire country (and wants to fix it by raising taxes). Now, after using FOIA provisions, the AJC has found that they actually get paid a good $100k more in benefits, some of which amount to nothing short of 'shadow pay.' They get their cars, gas, car washes, retirement accounts (which are tax free), health care, housing, and tons of other stuff paid for with taxpayer dollars, bumping the total up to nearly $350k for that Atlanta harpy.

    No matter what you may think about CEOs, they get fired and not paid if the company goes down the tubes. These guys continue to raise their own salaries on the backs of the students, teachers, and taxpayers, despite the abyssmal failure of their schools. Any one of these jackasses gets paid more than the governor.

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