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    It used to be that eligibility-doubters were fairly limited in scope; i.e., they were confined to a few questions. Now, it’s fair to say that everything else Hussein is showing himself to be stems from the eligibility question.

    One frightening question emerges from it all: Would Hussein be getting away with betraying this country if the Internet painted him as Jack Armstrong, the All-American Boy? I can’t help asking myself that question when I look at Romney/Gingrich/Santorum and how little is known about where they stand on the United Nations and the New World Order.

    Note that horse manure nourishes flowers; coverups nurture weeds. Questions are springing up like weeds surrounding everything about Hussein, yet the MSM continues the coverup with a blackout that is second only to the global government blackout the MSM has been engaging in since the end of WWII.

    Doug Hagmann says this about the eligibility blackout:

    There’s never been any doubt as to where television stands. Television is controlled by government because a broadcast license can be revoked at any time. Newspapers have an irrevocable license; it’s called the First Amendment; so what excuse does print press have for going along with the blackout?

    Doug Hagmann’s piece also touches on the latest weed to spring up; the one where the Clintons, including Chelsea, were threatened. See this thread for details:

    There is no difference between Clinton and Hussein politically. Obviously, any well-conducted investigation will not be exposing the similarities between the two. All of that stuff is well-known:

    Hagmann goes on to remind us that Senator Di Fi, another wonderful liberal Democrat lady, hosted a secret meeting:

    Exposing the Obama-Soetoro deception
    Doug Hagmann Wednesday, April 4, 2012

    Exposing the Obama-Soetoro deception

    Even if you discard all of the eligibility doubts, the threats, and the media blackout, you are left with the picture of a vicious traitor living in the White House.

    These next extracts are from a terrific piece by Peter Ferrara. To me, Ferrara’s piece connects to Hagmann’s expanding eligibility investigation. Bottom line: It’s getting harder and harder for Hussein’s protectors to compartmentalize his crimes. Americans who are paying attention are finally getting a picture of the complete man. The picture is not pretty:

    And this:

    Of course Hussein wants America to lose to communism. I’m sure that in his mind losing to communism is not like losing a shooting war; so that makes it all okay.

    And why in God’s name does anyone believe a Democrat will keep a promise?:

    I have to conclude that because Hussein has a lot of help in everything he is doing nobody believes the promises. Every congressional Democrat along with the eight RINO who ratified New START; every bureaucrat who does the nuts and bolts work like writing UN treaties is as guilty as Hussein. Every press baron who orders the blackout agrees with everything Hussein is doing. Members of the working press do not make those decisions by themselves. Not a one of those people is dumb enough to believe a Democrat promise.

    I have a slight disagreement with the following:

    Obama's Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament
    By Peter Ferrara on 4.4.12 @ 6:09AM

    The American Spectator : Obama's Unilateral Nuclear Disarmament

    That kind of naiveté is a sickness infecting the touchy-feely global village crowd. Hussein does not believe it for a nanosecond.

    Finally, I never could believe that a majority of Americans hate this country to the extent Hussein & Company hate it. So I want to close by attempting a breakdown of the people who vote for Hussein:

    1. Rank and file parasites who number in the millions. There is a subgroup of America-haters among the parasites, but I cannot begin to guess their number.

    2. Political activists (community organizers to name one group) who are funded with tax dollars. That group makes no bones about their hatred for everything that made America great. Everything they do and say confirms their hatred.

    3. Hussein’s wealthy backers hate individual liberties guarantied in the original Bill of Rights more than they hate the America that gave them their wealth and influence. Basically, they see themselves as loyal Americans in a one government world.

    4. Professional liberals who believe in communism because it has been fashionable for so long. The Hollywood crowd and their media soul mates dominate that group.

    5. Elected and unelected government officials who are small in number but big in influence.

    6. Those who believe everything Hussein says simply because they cannot believe their messiah is betraying them and the country. That group is the most dangerous group of all.

    I should point out that the total number of America-haters is nowhere near a majority of Americans even without those crossovers where an individual fits into more than one group:

    The tragedy is that not one of the individuals in the listed groups would change their mind if they read, and fully understood, everything Peter Ferrara details in his column.
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