God's wisdom in the Seven in Heaven case

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    REVISED: What do you think of the name "Seven Heroes" for the street sign
    (in case "Seven in Heaven" has to be changed)? Do you think the parties can agree on a name that solves the problem amicably?
    Dear Friends, before I got the vision about the ruling in the Cross case brought by atheists,
    I had another vision about the case of an atheist group suing to remove the mention of "Seven in Heaven" from a public street sign, as a memorial tribute to 9/11 heroes.

    The interpretation I got was that "Seven in Heaven" can be interpreted as
    "Seven in our Hearts"
    You can either be content to keep the original wording, and just interpret it figuratively to avoid further change or expense. Or you could change the wording to "Seven in our Hearts" if this is satisfactory to all parties and settles both the conflict and any ill will associated with it from any side.

    The point is to make peace, as that is where heaven is as we know it on earth.

    I envisioned people making donations to settle this issue peacefully by
    sending letters of support to the parties in court, along with a card from
    a standard deck (or a visual copy) of the 7 of hearts to represent holding
    peace in our hearts and that is the same thing as people being in heaven.

    What do you think of this idea?
    A 7 of hearts campaign to encourage people to mediate and find a solution?

    Either they can agree to change the wording or just interpret it differently
    to settle the issue. And if they save costs by not changing the sign,
    the money can go toward paying the court and mediation costs.

    I recommend if anyone sends donations to the legal group bringing this
    case, to make it clear the money is unconditional and can be used toward
    whatever solution BOTH sides agree upon in order to make peace
    and create a little more "heaven on earth" if that can be interpreted from this.

    Thanks for your prayers and thoughts
    even if this whole thing is symbolic!

    A lot of my ideas I get are symbolic
    just like dreams, so it depends on the interpretation
    what application they have in the real world that
    serves any good purpose.

    Please comment with suggestions or ideas
    if you have any advice on how you would help
    resolve this lawsuit in good faith so these people
    do not ruin their relationships over a street sign!

    Yours truly,
    Love, Emily
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