Followers of Religion Of Peace Know Where To Put Their Eggs

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    People Against Prisoner Abuse

    Read Amnesty International’s Open letter to state members of the Coalition in Iraq - Amnesty Grills U.S. Over Human Rights Abuses - HRW Report: Malaysia Detainees Abused Under Security Law - Iraqi Clans Spurn U.S. Bucks For Abused Prisoners - Bring Your Troops Home: A Message from Arab Youth to the World - Iraqi Female Detainees Abused As Well – Guardian - Muslim Scholars Denounce Berg's Beheading - Former Guantanamo detainees ‘were tortured’ - U.S. Abuse Of Afghan Detainees ‘Systematic’ – HRW - POWs Abuse: Are Human Rights Truly Universal? - Pope To Fault Bush On Iraq - Read Amnesty's open letter to US president regarding prison abuse - Call for mass march from White House to Pentagon On June 5 -


    Torture in Abu Ghraib: The Bigger Picture

    It’s no surprise that many torture techniques used by the Americans in Abu Ghraib were adopted from the Israelis, and that US forces in Iraq were receiving lessons in occupation and counterinsurgency from the Israeli military... More>>


    Of Torture and Abuse: Q & A Session

    Answers to your questions about violations against human dignity in general and torture and abuse from an Islamic perspective in specific… More>>


    Rights Groups Condemn Reported Religious Abuse In Iraq
    Human rights groups said they strongly condemn U.S. soldiers' practices of forcing Iraqi prisoners to denounce Islam as a way to avoid torture in the U.S.-run Abu Gharib prison, if such reports were true...

    What would Jesus do at Abu Ghraib?
    For anyone sensitive to Muslim-Christian relations, this is a catastrophe. Dr. Akbar Ahmed of the American University noted Osama bin Laden couldn't have…


    What else can you do?

    Sign a petition
    Write letters of protest

    Print and distribute protest posters

    Send in your ideas, designs for posters


    At this site you can also find the 'Fatwa Bank', which I know must be just loads of fun!

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