Daredevil: The War on Puberty (Christianity)

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    John Milton's Paradise Lost presents the Bible-adaptation story of Adam and Eve succumbing to the temptations of the rebellious adversary of God, Satan, in the prophetic Garden of Eden and becoming ashamed of the natural splendor and fertility of 'normal life' on Earth.

    The Christian Bible suggests that when Adam and Eve were seduced by the Devil, they became ashamed of their nakedness and this affected the 'evolution' of humanity/civilization.

    Today, various films depict humanity's anxieties regarding the management of social-spaces (e.g., The Social Network), political discourse etiquette (e.g., Syriana), and ethics-based society consciousness (e.g., The Age of Innocence).

    Here's a comic book adapted vignette about the superhero 'Daredevil' (Marvel Comics) dealing with a new age Christian conservative coalition's attack on MTV's presentation of 'scandalous' music videos presenting images of beautiful young women in amorous affection as they embrace the 'inheritance of puberty.'

    Such 'etiquette-storytelling' may be the hallmark of this modern age of traffic-related IQ (e.g., The Ladykillers).


    Daredevil was on a special mission investigating the filming of a controversial new MTV music video by an African rap group (called EMP) about black men travelling back in time to the age of the Spanish conquistadors and discovering African pygmies beheading these European explorers and proudly displaying their decapitated heads (on pikes) in their village! While Daredevil was half-blind, he was very sensitive to human emotions and was given a special assignment by the CIA to investigate the making of this video (since it had generated a great deal of suspicious protests by a very conservative Christian coalition called the 'ISIS-Rivals').

    Daredevil arrived at the video-filming site (somewhere in the Amazon) and found the members of EMP working with their crews to complete the interesting but eccentric black-pride themed 'Afro-roots' rap-music video for MTV. Daredevil touched the various fake-heads put on pikes for the video to represent the heads of the conquistadors killed by the African pygmies during the colonial/exploration era. Daredevil wondered if the 'ISIS-Rivals' (the conservative Christian coalition) had made dubious ties to fundamentalist groups to dethrone American liberal media's 'grip' on unfiltered race-based content and customs (which is why the CIA sent him on this very odd mission!).

    Daredevil realized that EMP was suggesting in their video that the spread of Christianity had 'demonized' the 'rage' of 'primitive cultures' and how such rage led to 'natural' displays of anti-Western/European pride such as the decapitated heads on pygmy-pikes. EMP's rap-song contained a lyric in which it was suggested that the primitive pygmy was doing 'battle' with the forces of European Christianity 'intruding' upon the 'pubescent development' of the macro-Afro 'consciousness.' To his horror, Daredevil learned that the so-called 'ISIS-Rivals' were actually temporarily allied(!) to ISIS and planning a terrorism-mission to attack a co-ed youth hostel built for young Western travellers in the Amazon. After Daredevil dismantled this 'scheme,' he returned to America with the good news!

    President Trump invited Daredevil to write an editorial in the Washington Post, and this is what the superhero had to say:

    "It was shocking to see the filming of the 'incendiary' EMP rap-music video (for MTV) about African pygmies 'proudly' displaying the decapitated heads of Spanish conquistadors/explorers in the Amazon! I realized that the so-called 'ISIS-Rivals' were tangled in a 'desperado' alliance with real ISIS terrorists to target a Western youth hostel in the Amazon and demonize America's embracing of tourism. I am confident in my conclusion that the real 'war' on ethics-based media in the modern world is a question of 'vanity-puberty,' not 'pornography-nudity'(!), which is why the Trump Administration should invest in 'dystopia-inquiry free-speech.' God bless America!"



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