Danger Ahead: Unassimilated Immigrants

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    Can We Learn from Britain's Mistake?
    By James A. Pinkerton, Newsday
    July 12, 2005

    The London bombings show the end result of a disastrous social experiment in Great Britain: the bringing in of large numbers of barely assimilated, barely patriotic and sometimes openly hostile foreigners into that country. Now the question is whether or not the United States will learn from Britain's mistake.

    Hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants are turning London into "Londonistan." According to The New York Times, the Syrian-born, London-based Sheik Omar Bakri Muhammad said last year that if Western governments did not change their Middle East policies, Muslims would give them "a 9/11, day after day after day."

    Summarizing the impact of the Muslim influx, the newspaper continued, "If London became a magnet for fiery preachers, it also became a destination for men willing to carry out their threats. For a decade, the city has been a crossroads for would-be terrorists who used it as a home base, where they could raise money, recruit members and draw inspiration from the militant messages." Good national policy?

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