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    I just found this website, so I can't say I know the proper procedure for this
    sort of thing, but here it goes.

    I recently became very interested in the possibility of starting my own
    political party as I have become very disillusioned from the ideals of the major
    candidates as a whole. I am still rather young and learning, but it's something
    that I want to give a try at some point in my life. Obviously, I don't want to
    set out and create a national or even state level party at first, but rather
    start with a locally based one that would try to first win seats in local city
    councils in suburbs and then expand from there to seats in the state legislature
    and major city councils and then expand more from there.

    I have been looking for ways to do this by searching for the legalities of
    starting the party for local elections as well as ways on effectively gaining
    members and such. Obviously, I am still very early in the process, but I know
    that given the right guidance I can make it work because I know I have the
    mediums to expand it.

    So if any of you have any ideas, guidance, opinions, or understanding of how to
    do this, please post a comment!

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