Compassion a verb or an adjective

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gadawg73, Mar 29, 2010.

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    politically speaking as in taxes for the "poor" and "needy".

    I feel compassion for the poor and needy as I define them but that feeling does not translate into over funded mandated government programs where we are lucky if 20 cents on the dollar actually gets to the individual "needing" the help. My compassion is a feeling I have that I should help my fellow American and human in true need.
    Being compassionate means acting on that compassion and I do not believe that to be a function of government in most instances. Taking cash at the point of a gun from hard working tax payers and giving it to others because the government, under some politically motivated "needs" formula, has determined that someone other than the person that earned the cash deserves it more than they do is nothing other than robbery. This usually happens when one party wants to retain power in a certain area.

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