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    Hi guys, I just found out about the Brown Berets while on Youtube. I know, I'm probably way behind here, and out of the loop.

    At any rate, I think any racist or supremacist group is retarded from the get go. All of them, Skinheads, NSM, New Black Panthers, NSM, whatever. Some of the Brown Berets videos on Youtube though just baffled the shit out of me.

    People from this group literally say that all "Europeans" should go back to Europe and leave the Americas. The justification for this is that Europeans stole this land, from Mexicans and Native Americans.

    Holy fucking HUNDREDS OF YEARS AGO!

    What does that have to do with anyone on the planet today?! NOT A FUCKING THING! Nobody on planet earth, at this time had anything to do with that. Unless they are immortal, there is not a living person that was directly impacted by any of this.

    To me it would be like me, being of Scottish and English descent. Going to England, demanding citizenship on the grounds that my ancestors came from the UK so it is rightfully MY LAND!!!! It does not make any fucking sense at all, it is ridiculous.

    Lets just say hypothetically that one hundred years from now, the USA is a huge shithole. It is completely fucked up, no jobs, murders, war, no crops, etc... Mexico is shit hot, tons of jobs, boom town, great economy.

    So shit fuck tons of people from the USA(that is now all fucked up) flood into Mexico to get work and live. Then when deported, or facing the threat of deportation we form groups. We have the argument that state "Hey Mexico racist assholes, fuck you!!! one hundred years ago ya'll were flooding our borders and stealing our jobs, WE DESERVE TO BE HERE!" All the while we are waiving US flags.

    No fuck that, if that happened, the US fucked up, and if it went to shit and went bad and you were born into that. It would be your duty, your obligation to fix your own shit, deal with your own problems, FIX YOUR OWN FUCKING COUNTRY! Not seek life elsewhere, move to another country but still have the ungrateful fucking audacity to wave a US flag in Mexico. Proclaim how you are so proud of your culture, and blah blah blah! What the fuck?!?! That would be bullshit.

    Well that is what I am seeing in these videos. How the FUCK are you going to use events that happened before you were alive as a justification for evicting people from a country?!!

    Then think it is ok to be a part of some bullshit paramilitary group, wave foreign flags on another country's soil. Say how proud you are of your heritage, and your culture. That everyone needs to be sensitive to your heritage. If you are a citizen mother fucker, the US IS YOUR HERITAGE! It has nothing to do with skin color. If you were fucking born in the US, then the US flag should be the primary flag you would bleed the god damn ground red for. Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Arab, no matter where the fuck your parents, or there parents came from. If you were born in the US, you should be ready to kill, or if necessary to fucking DIE, to defend the flag of your country. Not the flag of the country where your god damn grandparents came from, putting that flag above the flag of the country you were fucking BORN in is wrong!

    I'm getting a little random here I think. I guess the point of my drunken rant, is this. Something that happened before you were born, is kind of fucking over and done with. Its done! It happened, bad or good it happened. If my great grandfather was killed by a man named James Nathan, should I seek out vengeance on people with the last name of Nathan? NO! Its ridiculous, it has ZERO to do with me. I never met either one of these people, so how can I hold a grudge towards the name Nathan?! If I did, and we all did, it would never fucking end! I kill a Nathan, a Nathan then kills me. Then so on and so on, forfuckingever.

    It makes no sense.
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