Confirmed again – Non-white immigration is bad for the economy

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    Confirmed again

    New figures from Norway have proven yet again that – contrary to liberals’ claims – Third World immigration is hugely detrimental to Western countries’ economies.
    According to Norway’s National Bureau of Statistics (SSB), even a significantly reduced level of Third World immigration will cost the country between 7–9 billion kroner (£743–955 million) a year from 2050 to 2100.

    Conversely, immigration from Western (white) nations was found to benefit national finances. Immigrants from Western Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand will strengthen the economy by £850 million a year from 2050 to 2100, and migrants from Eastern European countries will add roughly £850 million in 2050, going down to £212 million a year by 2100.

    The report is based on the premise of 5,000 immigrants entering Norway every year from each of the three areas (the West, Eastern Europe and the rest of the world); however, Norway lets in approximately 40,000 non-Western immigrants every year, 61 percent of total immigration, so the projected price tag will in reality be much higher.

    There you go when non whites enter a Country it goes down the shitter,and when whites immigrate to other countries it benefits .Like we did not already know that already,by the way we are on the way down the shitter..:clap2:




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