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Apr 17, 2009
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where ever the music leads
cracking nuts

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Varmint, from where ever the music leads

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But do not ask the price I paid, I must live with my quiet rage, Tame the ghosts in my head, That run wild and wish me dead May 20, 2016 at 8:54 PM

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Viewing thread The Regressive Left and Islam -- What is happening here?, May 25, 2016 at 1:50 PM
    1. Coyote
      But do not ask the price I paid, I must live with my quiet rage, Tame the ghosts in my head, That run wild and wish me dead
    2. Cruz-Clinton
      C_K can't so you must:


      I like this.
    3. Cruz-Clinton
      Yes change me to when C_K does not:

      1. Coyote
        I can't do it, only CK can.
        May 3, 2016
    4. Dale Smith
      Dale Smith
      So how long does it take to restore my account? Thanks! It's not even allowing me access to my mail box so that is why I am dropping you a note here.
      1. Coyote
        Dale, let me check - I expired the infraction, it might be that CK has to do something behind the scenes.
        Apr 22, 2016
        Dale Smith thanked this.
    5. Militants
      Call me "the Swedish guy" under Militants so they know who I come from ?? My profile page so I can were here for good or it is YD next year after banned account close to 85 days sure I am back next year in YD ????
    6. Kat
      Well shoot. That was supposed to be a Hi image. They don't work in here? LOL
      1. Coyote
        Unfortunately no :( But I can click on it and see :) Hiya back at ya!
        Mar 13, 2016
    7. Kat
    8. theliq
      You have been posting some excellent and interesting stuff recently..steve
      1. Coyote thanked this.
      2. Coyote
        Thanks Steve! You know what - Susha makes really good discussion possible in IP...I really like her.
        Feb 20, 2016
    9. theliq
      How come I cannot get into the Israel/Palestine threads........just says some of my post were deleted.....which were very relevant.....Why am I always being Chastised when some of the other pro-Zionist posters get away with continued shit,also the mod left NO identification ,just sayin steve
      1. Coyote
        Steve, remember the new 3 strikes rule? That is what this falls under. You and several others have had too many infractions and we tried to give many soft warnings to all. It is for one month.
        Feb 12, 2016
    10. Coyote
      FZ - The No-Whine Zone
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    where ever the music leads
    cracking nuts
    sometimes, there just isn't much to say


    When I think of Heaven, deliver me in a black-winged bird
    I think of flying down in your sea of pens and feathers
    And all other instruments of faith and sex and God
    In the belly of a black-winged bird

    DISCLAIMER: Extreme amounts of sarcasm can possibly result in inflammatory situations. Not responsible for keyboard violence, spittle on the monitor, irrational responses mistaken for momentary brilliance, one-sided rages against hypocrisy or individual members or unintended consequences such as poor personal hygiene and bad spelling. Please fasten your seatbelts and put your trays in an upright position.
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