Al Qaeda In Decline: So It's Still A Police Matter

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    So famously, George Bush sat on 9/11 "defense preparations(?)" on the Ranch, wherein pundits will note that 9/11 was not a military operation of any nation, nor a military defense engagement of the United States.

    All of which leads to the "Police Matter" determination of any response to the 9/11 problem.

    The Taliban-Al Qaeda Connection - The Daily Beast

    Now it is noted that even Al Qaeda is on the wane, even in the regions to which it has fled, though famously the significant leaders are still around. If the U. S. West Wing finds that Al Qaeda is the major problem in the region: Then U. S. troops can be withdrawn.

    The Taliban and Al Qaeda are different, with different support bases, and different methods. The Taliban seems to get along with them better, than it does with the United States. The United States generally, tries to kill them.

    In fact, that may explain it.

    But Al Qaeda is no longer a threat: Even to the region in which it lives.

    Everything else is internal strife, and politics as usual, usually regrded a matter for police. The meddlesome USA would be better served to let local police authority back into the venue, and gets its own military out!

    It is not reasonable to expect that the U. S. Military will win over locals, killing them all the time without basis. That probably even applies at Ft Hood, where the officer/medical corps seems to have had a different perspective on the matter, entirely.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Even at the December, domestic economic summit: It would seem appropriate to have the assembled leaders, of the organizations, sign-on to treaties, and move to Reservations! People know about the American Ways. even elsewhere! You never know where there may be a "terrorist," anymore!)
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