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    Title 2046 (Two Oh Four Six)
    Rated R for sexual content
    Year 2004
    Director Kar Wai Wong
    Starring Tony Leung, Li Gong, Faye Wong, Ziyi Zhang, and Maggie Cheung

    The plot is about a man who writes about his experiences in a hotel room in the 1960's under the title of 2046 (which is the hotel room next to his and ironically the hotel room he spent with someone of interest). According to his story, he is the only person to ever return from 2046. It's an erotic story that'll make you go "huh" and make you go "...wow."

    The music if pretty good, seeing as how it's composed mostly of classical and operatic music. I personally love this music, so I fell in love with the sounds.

    I liked the acting in here. Tony Leung (you might recognize him as Broken Sword from Hero) is a bit of a playboy who likes the women and the women like him. He's bound to his past because of the woman he met in Singapore, Miss Lulu (also known as Su Li Zhen and played by Maggie Cheung who was also in Hero). Ziyi Zhang plays a prostitute named Bai Ling who falls in love with Chow (Tony Leung), but he doesn't return the sentiments. They all come off as believeable, though some times Cheung is a little frigid in the roles she has.

    All in all, I really did enjoy this movie. Sometimes it was a little confusing, but once you get around that, you'll see this movie does have a good point that isn't directly stated. We all have memories we want to be surrounded by because they made us happy, they made everything seem like it was okay. But we never revel in these memories or we immerse ourselves in them, which is what 2046 is: revelling in memories and never returning.

    I give it a 8.75 out of 10

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