Yazadi’s followers cowards job to disturb Nazimabad majlis, Karachi


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Mar 4, 2011
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Karachi, Pakistan
Yazadi’s followers cowards job to disturb Nazimabad majlis

I totally condemn and regret the coward attack by TRUE yazadi’s followers to disturb or halt today (Oct 29, 2016) MAJLIS AZA at Nazimabad No.4, Karachi to proof these pigs are with YAZADI’s followers and taking direct instruction whose devil to destroy their life after death.

Very sad new media confirm that 5 people shaheed and many injured, this act coward by Yazadi’s followers but their followers did not know where is YAZADI buried. Whose permission this YAZADI’S pig attack and killing / wounded the innocent to reach heaven in short cut way to meet PIG Yazadi.

Police when you awake and caught the real culprit and give example punishment H A N G at same place where this pig did firing, this is shameful act in Islamic Republic of Pakistan where the Shia minority have no right to observer their RELGIOUS festival. Please do catch the criminal for PHOTO SESSION and then later no punishment award that means encourage all such type of YAZADI’s followers you continue job of killing without fear of punishment but assure you advance no punishment if you arrest at any stage.

Tell me which PIG boss you obey order and killed the innocent for that reason not only you but all those who involve in this murder directly / in directly deserve to reach NON STOP hell and stay there forever that time remember or called your BIG BOSS pig to help or get rid of this situation than all your strength and powerful will be useless.

When GOVT of Sind / Centre will awake and let’s decide one thing you happy to protect SHIA-E-ALI or give shelter cum protection to Yazadi’s follower’s choice is yours and later you will pay the price for this right or bad decision.

What a strange statement ‘Police say they were not informed about the majlis” if informed than Yazadi’s seek permission for terror act from police? How many terrorists get example punishment which has evidence but higher authority showing mercy with this people?

Our ruler is you Muslim? Why you forgotten those who were cruel and did their best to crush / destroy SHIA-E-ALI but honest speaking please informed me where this pig if still living which part of the world.

1. Bin Ummiah
2. Bin Abbas
3. Shah of Iran, Iran
4. Saddam Hussain, Iraq

By killing a few you can afraid Shia-e-Ali or stopping them not going to Majlis Aza, if you thinking such way than it is blunder mistake you never did before.

Those who involved in killing, provide shelter and all well wishers GOD please send them all collective IN HELL where they live and meet the pig YAZADI. I want to ask question from Yazd’s followers which side of body you will pain when SHIA-E-ALI performing Majlis or Azadari? You have no courage to crush or defeat Shia-e-Ali than using negative tactics only to oblige DEVIL BOSS than shame on U and those who supported or cooperated in this regard.

I request to GOD do not give spare time to YAZADI’s followers and those responsible for killing innocent send them to HELL where give all of them VVIP treatment along Yazadi soon

Thanking You

Yours faithfully

( Ashfaq Sharif )

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