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Nov 17, 2003
I have one of those "rent 2 movies as much as you want per month" passes from Blockbuster and it's a mile and a half away so I view a lot of films.

I have 3 that I would recommend highly to most of you......

"The Worlds Fastest Indian" with Sir Anthony Hopkins, he is incredible(as always) and the story is not only true but a lot of fun to watch. You can't watch this without feeling that anyone can do anything if they just want it enough and is willing to put the effort in.

"The Lost City" with Andy Garcia in a semiautobiographical film. He did everything in this film and it is not only beautifully filmed and scored, it is a must see history lesson for all liberal, commie, dimwits that wear Che Guevara t-shirts and think they are honoring a great hero.

"Lucky # Slevin" starring such newcomers to film as Morgan Freeman, Sir Ben Kingsley, Bruce Willis, Stanley Tucci, Josh Hartnett and Lucy Liu. Extremely well written, well acted(of course) and very entertaining. To see Freeman and Kingsley in a scene interacting between each other is priceless, these are truely gifted actors.
The movie itself was GREAT!!! The additional information/documentary on Burt Munro is equally important and great..

Why did I buy an Harley?? (Ask any near middle aged men/women who did.)
Watch this movie..

:clap2: Munro, R.I.P. (1978) was a genius. If this country had a few hundred more like him we would be a true superpower again.

Sir Anthony Hopkins, and the rest of the cast, did an outstanding job in portraying a true hero who brought meaning back to "spirit" and enthusiasm.

Munro was the right man to capture the spirit with his Indian motorcycle.
It was a Vindaloo I had a couple of years ago, shit myself within minutes of eating it.:lol:

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