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  • Thanks, it's called Corinthian after the city state of Corinth which first introdued it to the hellenaic world.
    Do you watch the WFC lots?

    David, chill the hell out. okay? take a break buddy.
    David. STFU. I do like you. I enjoy your posts. But WTF?

    What is wrong with you?

    go to your room!
    Fuck you pig?

    Why because I dont agree with you?

    Ids the government of Israel incapable of making a mistake?
    Love that expression, lol. Don't mess with me. You're not from Brooklyn, are you?

    I am.
    You're a fucking idiot to sunni man

    what are you ...captain obvious

    and you look like shit in that picture by the on you can do it.....
    Why are you so full of hate this early in the day?

    You know this type of extreme emotion is very unhealthy DavidS.

    Then again, if you dropped dead I could care less! :lol:
    you are an asswipe too for neg repping me,, unless you can prove you neg repped Silence every time she called me a name.. Happy Trails
    LOL....I got pos rep'd twice for that comment and neg rep'd from you. I call that a win, Donny!
    Well that wasn't it's official name, I just can't ever remember the official name. Something like....politicsforumworld---something.
    I saw you make mention in one of the threads that you'd been a member of a board for several years until this summer when the owner shut it down.
    I was at PFPW when WEB, the lead moderator, who turned out to be the owner too, shut it down. Was just wondering if you were over there too and if you were, if I might have run into you over there.
    After a while, I need to jump out of a conversation that's going nowhere - not good for my blood pressure. Thanks for your help, though. Much appreciaited.
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